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Wide Format Printing Repair AR

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There are new developments in augmented reality software applications that are making a significant impact on the training and repair industry. Apple and Android have recently released their AR development platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, making it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access to augmented reality applications. As the next advance in interface design, augmented reality differs from virtual reality in one critical aspect. While virtual reality offers a purely simulated experience, augmented reality combines virtual elements with a camera perspective for a unique integration of computer data dynamically linked to real elements in one's environment, making it an ideal interface for many types of industrial repair instructions.

As a full-service interactive multimedia company with a specific focus on the design and development of augmented reality applications, Augmented RealiTease is excited about the many development possibilities ahead. Augmented RealiTease launched its first augmented reality project in 2009, and has responded to the release of ARKit and ARCore with a set of new AR concepts that provide immediate potential for development and implementation. Wide Format Printing Repair AR can be used by the printing repair industry to guide technicians and trainees through the complex process of inspecting, cleaning, and repairing wide format printers in an augmented reality context.


Wide format printing is a deadline driven industry, one where the state of the machine is the critical factor in ongoing operations. To keep businesses running, skilled operators and technicians must continually maintain these large and sophisticated pieces of equipment. Because the consequences of down time are so costly, efficient repair and maintenance training is vital, and Wide Format Printing Repair AR would employ the features and capabilities of augmented reality to meet the demand.


Wide Format Printing Repair AR will offer a highly efficient method to carry out regular inspections, as well as provide a comprehensive training and repair platform for the printer repair industry. Wide Format Printing Repair AR can use the dynamic and immersive properties of augmented to achieve expedited repair procedures in a fast-paced and demanding industry.


Wide format printers employ inkjet technology, scaled up from the inkjet printer commonly used in the home or office; however, solvent-based inks are used instead of dye-based inks. CMYK solvent based inks are designed to last up to five years in outdoor applications, with additional light cyan and light magenta for additional shade variations. 12 printheads, two per color, with 256 nozzles, must be cleaned every day. A six-inch colorbar test is printed prior to every sheet. Wide Format Printing Repair AR can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet to guide staff operators through the daily maintenance tasks, and to guide on-site technicians as to specific make and model information, and any special features or operational requirements of that particular machine.

For example, one of the common problems in wide format printers is an intermittent nozzle check printout. Wide Format Printing Repair AR could be used to indicate each step in the inspection and cleaning process, with floating captions in the scene to provide more information for each component, allow the app to scan the machine to locate critical components to clean, and offer dynamic arrows for cleaning operations. Wide Format Printing Repair AR will allow technicians to check if air is getting into the system, and will provide graphics for each step in the cleaning process. The three main items to clean using printhead cleaner are the wiper blade, the capping station, and the spit pad. Different tools are used to clean each component, and Wide Format Printing Repair AR will locate each component in the printer and show technicians which tools to use to clean each one. After all components are thoroughly cleaned, the printhead should operate efficiently.

Wide Format Printing Repair AR can also be used to inspect print tests, and verify printer calibration and printer purge results. Pale flesh tone is the critical color to check, as well as the primaries for smooth gradation, and Wide Format Printing Repair AR can scan the material with an optical sensor for improved quality control. Because these procedures are typically carried out every three to six months, Wide Format Printing Repair AR can offer immediate practical value for ongoing maintenance.

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Augmented RealiTease won Tabby Awards in both 2012 and 2014 for two of its own original tablet applications, in addition to multiple awards for interactive web design and search engine marketing. An experienced team of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists with a comprehensive skill set and an impressive track record are prepared to take on any software development challenge in house, without the use of third-party contractors. By using a logical and iterative approach and keeping full control of the project, Augmented RealiTease is able to maintain close contact with the client during the entire process, and to ensure flawless results for the end user, across every platform to every device. Whether it involves continuing medical education (CME) and other eLearning platforms to videos, animations, mobile apps, and or any other type of software design or development project, Augmented RealiTease will meet your project goals and exceed your expectations. If you want to learn more about augmented reality and the Wide Format Printing Repair AR app concept, contact Augmented RealiTease today.

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