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While online devices like smartphones have already transformed the way we seek out new and exciting destinations, the possibilities are about to get even more interesting. The advent of Augmented Reality is going to add more layers of exciting and useful information onto the navigational landscape, and allow us to travel more deeply and meaningfully than ever imagined before. Augmented Reality uses your smartphone, iPad or hands free device to link your point of view with a layer of visual enhancements, making travel a potentially more vital and enriching experience, with the ability to deliver augmented features in real time with high resolution photorealistic graphics. DDA's extensive background with experiential marketing and multimedia presentations can be your guide into AR application development. Our team of professional custom software designers and programmers will take an idea and turn it into a robust product that adds value to your business, builds loyalty through quality and brings people back for more. Travel is just one of the many industries about to be changed by AR, and DDA is leading the way to Augmented Reality's potential.

Combining vivid 3D graphics with diagrammatic information into a compelling 3D interface that shifts according to the changing landscape makes for an ideal method to augment the experience of travel. The smartphone has enhanced travel experiences by allowing ready access to sophisticated map and landmark data, complete with photos video and many types of support information. Augmented Reality goes a step further by placing you into the information by using your camera viewpoint you can interact with the data and alter the range of your experience. A new level of photorealistic detail has been achieved with AR and objects can appear onscreen that seem as if they are real. The shadows and reflections shift with your position making the virtual components appear as actual actors in the view. The possibilities are exciting. Archaeological tours can be given that reconstruct ancient places and edifices. Fantasy landscapes can be layered over existing ones. Detailed historical support data can be delivered at the proper moments for a virtual guide, and avatars can act as guides as you proceed down winding streets in a remote location. From orienteering to camping to fine dining in a famous city, AR is ready to take travel into new dimensions.

DDA's studio in Willow Grove, just outside Philadelphia, is unique in that we carry out all of our production services under one roof, without outsourcing to others for a portion of the work. This way we keep everything fully coordinated and integrated into the initial concept and maintain the intent of the product uppermost at all times. Our logical method for software development keeps our customers fully informed during the process and we strive to exceed expectations in everything we do. As award winning leaders in the field of mobile software application development, we have the experience and the attention to detail that allows our customers to avoid common pitfalls and achieve the maximum potential for their ideas in a competitive marketplace. In addition to our custom software development skills, we can readily introduce 3D computer modeling, 3D immersive environments and multimedia presentations, hybrid media/technology platforms, experiential marketing, Virtual Games, Virtual Simulations, and, of course, Augmented Reality into your plans for the future. Let's work on your future together.

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