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The smartphone has already transformed the way we navigate and make use of maps and other associated information, but Augmented Reality is about to take it to the next destination. Augmented Reality is the next wave of implementation for 3D computer technology and now, with the ready availability of handheld and other devices, there are more opportunities for 3D modeling to intersect with our lived reality, and to augment it with application features to make transportation, travel, and navigation easier and more exciting than ever before. Applications such as Google Maps and Google Earth have allowed people to enjoy the benefits of real time interaction with the informational landscape. Augmented Reality allows you to virtually interact with 3D photo-realistically rendered objects in real time, and, as they adjust to the changes in your lived environment, they appear as if they reside within your camera's viewpoint. Detailed information can float in the landscape to add pertinent travel information, running numbers can tick off miles on a route, and new ways to add layers of interface information can be introduced. Virtual landmarks will facilitate navigation, light effects can make landmarks stand out more forcefully, and routes can be directly superimposed onto your viewpoint.

The possibilities for innovation in the way of mobile software applications for Augmented Reality are so promising and so inspiring that we want to raise awareness among clients, users, and new developers. We are DDA, a leading custom software developer and innovator in the field of experiential marketing. Our set of skills is unmatched in diversity, with an arsenal of tools few other production companies can offer for their quality and comprehensive capabilities. In addition to our custom software design and programming expertise, we also provide professional graphic design, 3D computer modeling, and a professional multimedia suite, complete with video/ audio editing, a fully equipped video studio and a sound booth. Whatever type of visual information is needed to flesh out the experience, we can provide compelling graphics to make the experience come alive.

Our first foray into Augmented Reality began in 2009, and we have been at the leading edge of App development since the inception of online mobile application design. Conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, we have extensive experience with both the benefits and potential pitfalls of the new technology and we focus on maximizing the impact of the product and guiding our clients through the process to avoid the problems commonly associated with software implementation. If you and your company have a development idea for 3D hybrid media/technology visual platforms, e-learning, database development and computer programming, let DDA take you into the world of Augmented Reality and help you make a difference in the transportation industry.

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