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Hands on learning environments are ideal for many types of activities, yet these environments can often be exclusive in scale, prohibitive in cost, or both. Augmented Reality is going to have a dramatic effect on these physical limitations and open up a whole new world of educational and instructional opportunities for numerous trades, hobbies, and highly skilled labor. Training applications that employ AR will offer an unprecedented level of immersion,

engaging users in a customized 3D computer environment through the camera viewpoint of an online device. The widespread availability and usage of smartphones, iPads, and hands-free devices that can offer high resolution graphics in real time makes Augmented Reality more feasible for developers and content creators, lowering the barriers to entry and fostering a new era of 3D interface design.


The advent of technological developments across all types of industries makes it all the more necessary to establish training programs that are reliable, immersive, and cost effective. Real world settings and detailed interactive instructions carried out on virtual or actual equipment enables developers to meet the demand for better ways to help trainees climb the learning curve, whether it's steep or shallow.


Creating highly specialized training environments with all of the necessary equipment using Augmented Reality will be extremely cost effective compared to conventional techniques. These new developments in 3D interface design will also open up access to high quality, hands-on immersive simulations that accelerate learning and improve familiarity with procedures prior to the risks and responsibilities of the real world environment.


Applications will be accessed through an online device. In operational contexts, trainees can work on actual equipment with virtual support. Operational arrows and floating text can be introduced directly into your camera viewpoint. In situations where interaction with equipment is critical, hands-free devices can allow users to fully manipulate actual equipment with the virtual support material to guide them. For virtual contexts, trainees can encounter virtual equipment with virtual prompts. Virtual avatars can act as guides and online teachers directing you through a training process. Both of these methods will be applicable across a wide spectrum of training situations and will enable users to have an unprecedented access to detailed training programs that would otherwise be unavailable.

E-learning is one of DDA's core businesses, and we are pleased to offer custom mobile software application development services with a range and sophistication unmatched either locally or nationally. DDA has established e-learning programs for the healthcare industry that includes both training and certification. We launched our first Augmented Reality project in 2009 and we can see the myriad possibilities that lie ahead for advanced training programs and many types of learning environments and methods. Whether your industry involves equipment operation and assembly, complex procedures for corporate and manufacturing environments, or educational forums where ideas can be readily visualized and shared among peers, DDA has the expertise and experience to make it a reality. Our team of degreed professional can handle any assignment and incorporate special features necessary to complete the project and exceed our clients' expectation, delivering a robust satisfying and memorable experience for the end user. Let's set up a time to meet and develop an Augmented Reality training program that meets your training needs.

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