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The history of the theatrical spectacle is long and varied, and has always incorporated the latest technology. From the Teatro Olympico by Palladio and his techniques of false perspective, to Inigo Jones' development of panels that could be raised and lowered between scenes for different environments, theater has always welcomed opportunities to make its magic more convincing and immersive. Augmented Reality is part of this honored tradition, and represents the current state-of-the-art for the modern

spectacle. As more people shift their interest away from TV and turn towards their online devices for information and entertainment, AR applications will continue to emerge to meet the rising demand. As developers of cutting edge mobile software applications, DDA is excited about the many possibilities that lay in store for the world of theatrical events, and one of our application concepts revolves around the incorporation of Augmented Reality into the theatrical experience.


While theater is still widely popular in some circles, the use of augmented reality has the potential to reinvigorate interest in the medium, with cost effective enhancements that could provide many kinds of visual features and effects to enhance the event. The AR Theater application concept would allow theatrical producers to create a customized experience and make it available for all ticket holders. They will be able to use their smartphone to access another experience of the event, one that takes the actual spectacle and adds a layer of virtual spectacle.


Augmented reality represents a paradigm shift in the world of entertainment, with the ability to capture and keep an audience's attention more deeply than previously possible. Producers and directors will be able to incorporate all manner of new ideas into their productions with a minimal cost and far greater flexibility using the AR Theater app. Like many other activities, the theatergoing experience is about to be transformed by the advent of augmented reality.


Ticket holders will access the AR Theater application from their mobile device when they take their seat. The theater can be made over virtually, appearing as something completely different from the perspective of the audience member's camera lens. While the footlights and the proscenium stay in place, they can be replaced by a desert or jungle in the camera. Actors and audience members can be adorned with virtual costumes, appearing one way onstage and another on camera. Scenes can be readily changed, and far more easily than bulky backdrops allow, making for a rapidly shifting visual spectacle, fluid and seamlessly integrated into the event. Augmented Reality can provide an unprecedented level of virtual interactivity and photorealism, making the theatrical event come alive with imagination as never before.

DDA is an award-winning developer of custom mobile software applications, and we specialize in the crafting of rewarding, engaging, and memorable experiences. We created our first AR project in 2009, and now, with the advent of Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore platforms, anyone with a mobile device will have ready access to the Augmented Reality experience. Our studio is located in the Philadelphia area, and our team of seasoned professionals is prepared to take on any software development challenge. Using a step-by-step approach, we take imaginative concepts and deliver robust results that work flawlessly across every platform and reach every device. Whether the project involves 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design, gaming, and multimedia effects, we have the skill set to do it all in-house. This way, we keep costs under control and maintain excellent client communication during the entire development process. If you would like to hear more about Augmented Reality and how it can be used to enhance theatrical events, or if you have a specific Augmented Reality application you want to develop, don't hesitate to contact us.

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