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From the one room schoolhouse to common core, testing methods have been a vital source for establishing information and evaluation standards. Augmented Reality offers the educational environment an unprecedented level of multimedia integration by incorporating the many facets and types of information into a compelling and immersive 3D computer landscape. Like any sort of testing, skills development comes first, and Augmented Reality will provide educators with a set of new tools to optimize the educational environment,

both in the classroom, and in the application design. After a thorough educational program, testing environments have the opportunity to expand beyond the horizon of conventional testing methods. By incorporating the types of Augmented Reality features that best echo the educational goals, custom software can frame them in the best context for evaluating performance and command of the knowledge delivered in the curriculum.


The ever-expanding range of technological developments across all types of specialized industries requires new methods for evaluating competency and proficiency. Apps customized to meet this demand will improve access to much needed expertise, and new methods of testing will better ascertain the level of skill.


Augmented Reality will allow for a deeper evaluation of trainees, with settings customized to their real world applicability. In many cases, access to high quality testing environments that duplicate real world conditions have proven to be exorbitantly expensive to offer to a wide audience of prospective students with conventional methods. Now Augmented Reality will put these environments within reach for a wide range of testing procedures, formats, and standards.


Whether it's an obstacle course or a standard exam, Augmented Reality can enhance the testing experience and add educational context. In hands-on scenarios, the testing ground can be virtually recreated, or an actual setting can be augmented with 3D interface features. In testing formats for mathematics for example, geometry diagrams can be introduced into the interface and interacted with for a demonstration of a proof. Recitations can be augmented with 3D computer modeled objects and settings for auditions and rehearsals. Whatever level of verisimilitude required to make an educational testing environment more effective, Augmented Reality will be there, with an impact that has lasting value, prepares students and trainees better prior to testing, and evaluates them more thoroughly and effectively in the right context.

DDA specializes in creating dynamic learning and certification environments for a wide variety of industries and applications. Conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, we maintain a facility unrivalled in the range of production services and capabilities available under one roof. Our team of professional software programmers and designers, writers, graphic designers, and multimedia specialists can address any specialized requirement. Because we do not outsource any of our work, we can ensure a fully integrated final product that is cost effective and optimized for market impact and a user experience that is memorable, engaging, and satisfying. If you are interested in knowing more about Augmented Reality and development ideas that enhance your educational and business goals, let's set up a time to meet.

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