Testimonials - Augmented RealiTease


"Received confirmation from the Wazee team that they don't have any additional changes to their virtual tour video. They loved the end product. Great work!"

—Rob, Timken Power Systems

"That is BADASS!!!! You guys knocked it out of the park!!! Seriously, you guys nailed it. I wouldn't change a thing!"

—Dennis, Full Throttle Wraps & Graphics

"Michael and DDA team, Thank you very much for your help on this project. You have been wonderful and attentive as usual."

—Nexus Parking Systems

"Ashley, This is extremely satisfying. Standard Machine wasn't ranking even close to page one on the terms open gearing or high-speed gearbox. We made all that effort to create the new pages of content around those terms and updated our homepage to reflect those services and we're now on page one for both. Nice work!"

—Rob, Timken Power Systems

"The sales guys loved this. Please replace the one in there with the photo attached. "

—Timken Power Systems

"Terrific. FYI - Rob and I are always pleased with the timeliness, thoroughness, and courtesy of all interactions with DDA during this process. This has not been my previous experience on similar projects. Nice change! Thanks "

—Fox Valve

"Thanks for everything over the years, your help, your professionalism, your quick to respond attitudes and the great people you've hired that I have had the pleasure to work with."

—Whitford Corporation

"Hi Jen, H&N Wind [website] looks great and professional."

—Timken Power Systems

"Hi Judy, All four versions are superb! Thank you very much for your awesome work! I am delighted."

—The One o'Clock Man

"Thank you to all at DDA for a job well done!!!"

—Tanner Industries, Inc.

"Thanks Darlene! All of these videos look great! We're really happy with how they turned out, they'll add a lot to the website. Lots of very cool shots that show off our inventory and capabilities well. Great work!!"

—Sandmeyer Steel Company

"Douglas, I approve of the final high def video. We love it!!"


"Thanks for all of your help and we are looking forward to going live in the morning. The site looks awesome! You and your team did a great job and have a lot to be proud of. Thanks for all of the hard work that everyone put into this project."

—Atlantic Gasket Corporation

"David, thanks for all the hard work that you and your team have put into our new website. It looks awesome and I can't wait to launch it."

—Atlantic Gasket Corporation

"Thank you and your staff for a excellent job on our new web site."


"Just wanted to thank you for all your help with this HR program. I was just handed the first award of the program for all of the great work that was done. Thanks again."

—Crane Payment Innovations

"I can't tell you how many problems this is going to resolve! On behalf of the entire staff, Thank You! Please extend our gratitude to the developers as well, for getting this done so quick..."

—The Helm Center

"Hey Guys, I thought it was going to be a tough task to turn around a video in less than a month, let a lone a video with this quality. Thank you very much for all your help."

—Crane Payment Innovations

"Hi Jessica, Just wanted to give you a shout out that whatever you did as stated below has given us several new potential customers. At least five of them has sent us request for quotes. We were all talking about how many new quotes from different companies have come in last week and I remembered that you sent out this e-mail stating that you guys were doing what you do best. Just thought you might like to know we have noticed the results.

Thank you so much. Great job, we appreciate your efforts."

—John Prosock Machine, Inc.

"Hello Darlene, thank you very much. I appreciate all that you have done and the team at DDA. You guys are awesome! I have only praise for the entire team throughout the years – from my initial telephone calls to David with a hundred questions – working with everyone through the build process right up to this morning."

—Topplestone, LLC

"Thank you and Judy for all your help….The PPP looks great! We came a long way in a short period of time."

—Dresser-Rand / Gimpel

"The booth turned out great!"

—Rebling Plastics/Rebling Power Connectors

"The new Lightsphere website DDA designed is phenomenal."

—ChemImage/Lightsphere Diagnostics

"Thank you Jessica for your help. You all do such a great job."

—John Prosock Machine, Inc.

"This is just short note to let you know the PPP DDA developed for the EPC went very well. Of the eight presentation given during the Monday session, Gimpel had, by far, the best slides. The artwork, curves and data tables all projected very well and were easy for the audience to follow. I hope we have an another opportunity to work together in the near future. "


"DDA has created a very professional presentation and I thank you."


"Thanks for the quick work. It really helps us out!"


"As I mentioned to you over the phone last week, I spent a great deal of time reviewing the website while in Chicago. The user-friendliness on an iPad was spectacular, the pages loaded quickly and the sizing of all design elements, menus and fonts is perfect."

—International Chemical Company

"Thank you for the update. We are starting to see some RFQ from our website, about 6 so far and have gotten one job."

—Quality Machined Products

"The home screen images chosen for the rotations are perfect...the design team did a great job on all three concepts!"

—Rusco Hydraulics

"Yes, we got the trade show graphic. I wasn't in the office but had a photo sent to me. It looks great! Everyone likes it. Thank you very much for getting this done for us so quickly."

—Monarch Recovery Management

"We are thrilled with the new website and are receiving a lot of quality leads.

"We are currently designing a connector for a major national company that we had been trying to reach out to for the longest time, even called on them in person, but then another division of theirs found our new website on their own, and contacted us about developing the connector. The order is huge!"

—Rebling Plastics

"Last, I'm very happy with the condition of the site, especially compared to what we inherited. More great work by you and the DDA team, as usual. I've been working with David and the DDA team for more than a decade by now and you guys have never let me down!"

—Philadelphia Gear

"Thanks! I have already looked at it and we think that it looks great. You guys always do fantastic work!"

—USA Coil

"Thank you so much for getting both the outside shot and the interior shots over. We loved the outside shot this go around and will be using that for our postcards. We're still sorting through the inside shots, and will be in touch in the near future about any manipulations we may want to make. Thanks again for you and your teams efforts in getting these done."

—Jade Precision Medical Components, LLC

"We were waiting to here from one of our South American distributors to make a ruling on the video. They have returned a glowing review, and I quote: The Spanish is perfect and also the pronunciation is very good. Congratulations and good work!"

—International Chemical Company

"I, and the whole ARI team, appreciate all of your hard work, patience, and flexibility. You have all been great to work with and we are very happy with the final result. Thanks again for everything!"

—Apollo Research Institute (ARI)

"We're already on the first page of google on several of our applications titles and other pages. This is terrific. Thanks for the great work everyone."

—Rebling Power Connectors

"Our customer service associate directed a military customer to the new site, and they were very impressed with it and navigated it very quickly."

—Rebling Power Connectors

"The video is getting some good reviews, Thank everyone associated with its production"

—Stanton Systems

"These content pages look great! Your writer is very good."

—Aztec Products

"Thanks again for all your help. As always, you guys are so great to work with."

—Whitford Corporation

"Great job! Thanks for the support!"

—Jade Corporation

"Thank you to everyone at DDA for such a quick turn around!"

—Jade Corporation

"Thanks for the info. Also, thanks for getting the last series of items done so quickly this week! That was very encouraging. You guys have truly made our vision a reality and it is so exciting to see the system working how I pictured it could. We are getting so close...its very exciting for us!

—P3 Designs, LLC

"I would like to compliment the website your company has. In my opinion, it is the best among all of Pandora's authorized dealer sites. It is beautifully designed and very easy to use. Thank you once again.
Vladamir M.
Damascus, MD"


"THIs Is AWESOME! I am so excited for this website. The outcome is amazing."

—United Support Solutions

"Thank you again for all your hard work and assistance throughout the last several months. We have received many compliments on the brochure and it is truly a pleasure to have such a beautiful piece be the face of Friends."

—Friends Hospital

"Thanks for doing such a great job on the website!"

—United Support Solutions, Inc.

"Awesome, awesome, awesome...... Unfortunately, our experience with developers has been less than stellar. It truly is refreshing to work with you and the rest of the DDA team."

—Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd.

"Once again I would like to thank you for the great work that you and your team did on the HeartNavigator and on the XperGuide app."

—Philips Healthcare

"Everything appears fabulous! Keep up the good work! "

—Carolina Piedmont Capital, Inc.

"Please pass onto everyone involved in the project a big "Thank You!" We have gotten many compliments already from our dealers, and you definitely beat our expectations with the animation features. I'd love to submit it for a web award. "

—Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation

"We are elated to see this idea become a reality. We are very proud of this app and hope you are too! We appreciate your collaboration very much in bringing to life such a quality product."

—AvaKid Productions

"DDA, thanks to all of you for you help on this mammoth project. Your calm demeanor certainly helped us get over the bumps with a minimum of aggravation. So thanks for all your help and we will be in touch."

—Whitford Worldwide

"Great job executing this guys! Thanks for mobilizing your team so quickly. "

—Philadelphia Gear

"I love it! The changes reflect exactly what I had in mind--thank you. "

—Yoga Bent

"I just wanted to send a big Thank-you to each of you, on behalf of all of us on the clinical side of the MBSImP. Each of you has played such an integral role in creating the MBSImP's virtual learning environment, and in turn, in helping many, many people for years to come. Each person who successfully completes the Reliability assessment will gain knowledge to either complement and enhance what he or she came into it with or obtain what he or she never had! In turn, the clinician will go on to work with all patients encountered with far greater insight and skill."

—Medical University of South Carolina

"It has been a pleasure working with your team. You guys did a fantastic job with this!"

—Medical Education Resources

"This looks awesome - thank you!! Thanks again for your great work!"

—Snap Meetings

"Thanks for the update and the great service (as usual)."

—The Surplus Warehouse

"Really fantastic layout. I love the continuous background. This idea is really fresh and unique. Love it! Amazing job! Thanks."

—Whitford Worldwide

"The site looks amazing! We are VERY Happy! Looking forward to our real launch. Thank everybody for their hard work."

—DeSumma & Wexler

"The site looks awesome. It has more than exceeded our original vision for the project."

—National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

"Perfect! You're on top of everything as usual!"

—Port-A-Cool, LLC

"The trade show was very successful for us & our traffic flow was steady and strong. Of course, thanks to you and your group's efforts, QCCH's presence was alluring, eye catching and very professional. You did a tremendous amazing job! We are very pleased and appreciative of all your hard efforts. Thank you!"

"Thanks for all your support and great work. You are a credit to your company."

"I think it looks do amazing work! Thank you!"

—Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare

"Thank you for supporting the project for the past 4 days. It was successful and definitively productive. I am looking forward to review all the photos."


"The brochure looks great. Many thanks for everyone's efforts on Malmark's behalf."

—Malmark Inc.

"I want to tell you that I have always enjoyed working with you and everyone at DDA. I think that you have a really great team. They are always kind, prompt, pleasant, and caring."

—Topplestone, LLC

"EXACTALLY What I need!!! Attached are some reference planograms."

—Blue Sky Accessories

"Everything is GREAT we so appreciate your efforts & actually we will need to start conversations with DDA regarding our new release"


"Thanks for reviewing this design with me today. I forgot to mention - while I was inundating you with all our changes - that we were impressed with the redesign. It fits in seamlessly with our current look but still is markedly improved. We liked the stylistic use of the word Mission-Critical equipment under the main photo - nice touch!"

—Philadelphia Gear

"I look forward in our sustained working efforts.You guys have been so amazing. (I will tell everyone about you!--as I have been doing)"

—Yoga Bent, LLC 

"I just wanted to give you and the rest of the team a verbal "pat on the back" and say what a sensational (and I choose that word purposely) project you are putting together!!! These images are like nothing in the swallowing world and will surely highlight not only the science we have worked on for years, but the complexity of swallowing physiology in an environment that will maximize learning. Absolutely jaw-dropping sensational!!! Way to go!!!!"

—Medical University of South Carolina

"Thanks, guys. I'm really looking forward to taking your hard work and putting it to use. Thanks for the excellent effort and support. Hope you all have a prosperous year. "

—Acurian, Inc.

"Happy New Year! My first impression is: It's fantastic!"


"Happy Holidays to the whole crew there. Thank you for doing such a great job on our website."

—Nexus Parking Systems

"I love the homepage! It looks great great great. Thank you."

—Yoga Bent

"Reps that have seen the files are very happy with the turnout. We had a customer come in this week that was undecided on a large job, and when he saw the install video he moved forward. Well worth the investment."

—Renewal by Andersen

"We received many favorable compliments regarding our new product literature. Nice job!!"

—Valtech Corporation

"I tested the site and everything worked great.Thanks Again for the fast turn around. You guys are really great to work with."

—Dorman Products, Inc.

"Thanks for all your help in pulling this off on short notice (as usual). Great service as always."

—Valtech Corporation

"You've all done an excellent job with this webcast and we're so pleased with how well it turned out! My editor and I were also saying how impressed we've been in your responsiveness to requested changes – we really appreciate it and it makes our job much easier.Thank you!"

—Consensus Medical Communications

"These look very good. These are great and will work nicely. Please show me an example of a thumbnail and still photo when you are at that point. Sooo happy! "

—Marks Jewelers

"I think it looks really good...I think the basic design concepts look great and I am looking forward to how you put together the rest of the CD. "

—USPs Office of Inspector General

"You guys hit it out of the ball park! GREAT JOB!!"

—Thornton Solutions, Inc.

"We are extremely happy with the website you have constructed for us. Thank you!"

—Park Lenox Emergency Medicine

"It's been a true pleasure working with all of you. I greatly appreciate the wonderful assistance you have provided, and the ease in working with the whole DDA crew!"


"I just wanted to say that, over the weekend, the more I looked at the current version of the animation, the more impressed I became. I'm excited, Beautiful work. We are all extremely pleased!"

—Medical University of South Carolina

"Firstly, I just want to thank you for the wonderful CD-ROM that you produced on behalf of Malmark. It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff. The extra CDs arrived here on Friday and they look great! Thank you so much for the great work on this project."

—Malmark, Inc.

"Thank you so much for your efforts. I noticed that MM is now Number One on Google for Military themed jewelry and Number Two on Bing. I am seeing some progress and I appreciate your help."

—Millitary Matters, LLC.

"Thanks for your great work on our project."

—Malmark, Inc.

"We are very happy with the work that your people have done for us on our web site and the optimization to improve our visibility on the web."

—RUSCO Hydraulic, Inc.

"I think this looks great is almost like looking at a new model....Wow! Thanks. If there is anything left to alter, it will certainly be very, very minor. Again thank you....and to everyone else involved!"

—Medical University of South Carolina

"I also got the photos on CD and everything looks great - really great! Thanks again - it was a pleasure to work with you."

—ABB, Inc.

"Thanks for taking care of this so quickly for me. You are always great to work with!! "

—Renewal by Andersen

"It looks wonderful! Many, many thanks!"

—Malmark, Inc.

"OK! You guys do very good work. I looked at it and it looks terrific.Thanks."

—USA Coil & Air, Inc.

"The modifications are excellent. Thank you. We are really liking the animation progress."

—Medical University of South Carolina

"I love, love, love it. It's fantastic..... In fact, we can go ahead and place it on the site when you're ready."

—Millitary Matters, LLC.

"Thank you for working on this so quickly. You are a pleasure to work with. "

—Renewal by Andersen Central/Northern NJ

"I am very impressed - this is spectacular. Thank you!"

—IMAC Systems, Inc.

"These renders are nothing short of impressive! Well done, Rob and everyone else involved!!
Again, thank you for all of your hard work!"

—Medical University of South Carolina

"We have been extremely happy with your professionalism, creative ideas, patience, and final work."

—Grove Medical 

"Just letting you know we just received the brochures they look great! Thank you."

—Pain Management Center of Lansing

"Thank you and thank you for a wonderful creation of the brochure."

—Caribbean Investor Network

"The web site DDA designed for us is doing wondrous things. In these bad economic times it is a huge help. It gives us reach that would have been impossible only a few years ago. Last week we received a very nice order for power electrical products from a paper mill in New Zealand. If the web site was not top notch, as a small company, we never would have even heard about this business. Thank you DDA staff!"

—Kinetics Industries, Inc.

"Thank you to you and all of your team who worked on this project. It was a pleasure working with all of you as well, and the end result will hopefully help many patients"

—Robert Michael Educational Institute, LLC .

"This has been a dream of mine for quite some time, and I want to thank all of you for helping make my dream come true. I appreciate your advice and hard work over the past year or so since we began working together. It's been great to work with such talented individuals, and I look forward to more collaboration in the future. Thanks again, to all of you."

—Millitary Matters, LLC.

"Thank you so much Elise for your help and the help of your team. We are very excited and love the website."

—Octapharma USA Inc.

"Thank you! You are soooo wonderful to work with!"

—Consensus Medical Communications

"Awesome response time!"

—Philadelphia Gear

"I just got home and had an opportunity to review your CD. What a wonderful sales piece and so professionally done. This is going to be fun selling Wolo!"

—Wolo Manufacturing

"The banner displays look great!... Again, my dda experience has been more than solid. I'll give you a full report after seeing them in the booth in Germany next week."

—Pulse Technologies, Inc.

"You can use Wolo anytime as a reference. Your company was a pleasure to do business with. Thanks for all your hard work and cooperation."

—Wolo Manufacturing.

"Thanks for your time this morning. You guys have done a great job so far."

—Peachtree Pain and Spine Assocates .

"I just wanted to share with you that QVC approved the Flower Pot yesterday and it will go on air sometime in April. Thanks for all your help and support! Everyone has been terrific!!!!"

—RockConcepts, Inc.

"You just made my day. I really like the feel of both. May need to tweak some colors – but overall, my opinion is that they look fabulous!!"

—Whitford Worldwide

"Everyone at DDA should know that we're getting compliments galore about the site, so congrats
all 'round.

—Tinius Olsen

"I wanted to take time out and let you know that the Virtual Trade Show looks great. I also wanted to thank you for the quick turn around times on all the changes."

—Dorman Products

"Great job as usual. Thank you this looks great and I feel that we should go with it. You guys are doing a great job."

—The Next Icon

"The demo site went over big at our international sales meeting. The people that I've shown it to have all said that it looks really good!"

—Tinius Olsen

"Thank you very much for your patience and great work!"

—RockConcepts, Inc.

"This is marvelous. It is just what I envisioned! …Thanks for a great presentation."

—Earth Nouveau

"First, nice job to everyone involved! Second, I think the "atrium" background works very well and I can envision its use on the web and elsewhere. Notwithstanding, I also like the FYI and tunnel versions - each has great qualities. It's like picking a piece of chocolate from an assortment, you can't go wrong with any of the choices, but you want your one pick to be dead on since you can only have one! "


"Thank you so much for this rush. I am aware that you have other clients. Your service and desire to help your customers is what sets you apart from many in your industry."


"ALL of your team from my perspective have been great to work with and incredibly responsive. I really appreciate the work you all do for us."

—Philadelphia Gear

"I'm sure we're the only machine shop in the world with a blog, and you guys have already done a great job getting us optimized. We've gotten some very big new customers because of our optimized site."

—John Prosock Machine, Inc.

"Thanks, team I don't think we'll hear from the client tomorrow, but it's nice to know that we can respond if we do hear from them. Thanks again for your support!"

"Team- Can't thank you enough for such a quick turn-around of a last-minute job, and a job that looks great! Thanks for making us look great, too."

—DAW Communications

Perfect!! Great work. Looks fantastic! We like it. Just a few things we can talk about in our call.
Thanks again."

—Nexus Properties

"Good Job! I Like design6. I will work on getting you the additional information that you need.
I am excited!"

—Nexus Properties

"Thank you Elise for all your help and the all the work your design team did with our website. I am very pleased. I am sure I will be in contact with any additions and I look forward to working with you and your team in the near future."


"Hi everyone, just wanted to let you all know that we received the display today & it looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!! It is exactly what I envisioned from the start. The entire team including my father is VERY pleased with it. Thanks for all of your hard work."

—Firstline Manufacturing

"Wow. Very impressive. So impressive, that I have changed my mind a bit. Don't worry, I'm not prone to this, but seeing the other concepts make me like them better than what I had originally chosen for the home page banner. I just think the illustrations are so perfect."


"You've done an outstanding job. Not sure if you have any experience with the military, but if not, it's remarkable how you were able to get the "tone" just right. I love the map and flag in the background on the banner, and the photos are just perfect.I think that's it. I love it! Exciting to see it come together, and it's so professional looking"

"My goodness! Making a decision is going to be tough. They all look so wonderful. As always, great work... Thank you all so much


"I am so happy with this. It looks absolutely fantastic. I don't see a need to change anything. I think it's a go! Thank you so much for your work on this. I truly couldn't be happier. This is exactly the image I've had in my head for months now and it's really wonderful to see if come to life."

"Wow, I can't believe how well you've been able to capture the concept I had in my head! We are definitely on the right track. Nice job..."

—Military Matters

"The favorite for the design is: #1. It looks fantastic & it has a classic look about it which I love. Simple yet hip. We love all of the wording on it as well. It's hip & strong... Option 1 is definitely the one. Thanks! It's a pleasure to have partnered with you all! "

—Firstline Manufacturing

"I did not have a chance to say thank you to DDA for creating a great design and updating my information. You guys did a great job and its appreciated."

—Girsh Development

"Thanks again for all your work on our behalf – your full and rapid responses to our many requests over the past many months have been a great help to us with this new project. Thanks for your continued support. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you again in confident partnership on this, and other projects."

—DAW Communications

"The content is perfect it is a fresh new take on our service. Thanks again."

"It looks great thanks for the good job."

"Let's go with the purple.jpg everyone here is crazy about it. Thanks so much for all your work."


"I would like to Thank you and the entire team at DDA for making all of this happen in such a short time. I'll let you know how things go at the trade show in Japan."

—Valtech Corporation

"We received graphics. They look great. Thanks for all your help."

—Tanner Industries, Inc.

"I am very pleased with the design you have created. It looks amazing!!!! I am very pleased with the site itself. It is exactly what we have been needing for a long time ... I am looking forward to continuing to work with DDA for other projects that I have in mind and you can give yourself the credit for that. You have made this project pleasant. I have some very bright ideas for our Intranet in the future, and as long as the costs are not too high, I see no problem in continuing our business relationship. Thanks again for all you have done to make this a success!"

—Home Loan Consultants

" Thanks so VERY MUCH for these PDFs. Appreciate your thoroughness and quick response. I look forward to receiving the CDM. Thanks again"

—DAW Communications

"Thanks Jessica…you guys are good!"

"I am so happy that we made this move. Your team is awesome."

—Renewal by Andersen

" ...thanks so much! We know that this will provide a big boost to our sales efforts."

—Mobile Diagnostic Services

"The videos look great! (RE: 360 spin Product Videos)"

—Aztec Products

"Thanks for keeping me informed of your team's time input. I, and most certainly DDA, has found it to be significantly less costly to correct a storyboard rather than it's animation. So...I consider any extra storyboard time to be money well spent. You have my "go-ahead"! Thank David and his team for really helping me to nail down the concept."

—Dentist Preferred, Inc

"Looks great! We're pleased – please thank the team."

—DAW Communications, LLC

"I cannot tell you how much it is appreciated... Your people are the very FINEST I have yet to work with. It never goes unappreciated."

—Agency for Vsurance

"Jess, The improvement in our rankings is astounding! The rankings in just about every category and for every keyword that matters are drastically improved. Thank you so much for the effort that you have put into making this happen. It's been about (2) years since we started, so we're glad that we were patient. You have just done a terrific job."
—USA Coil

"I think we are ready to go to print on the DVD. It's been a long process but I'm very pleased with the video. It accomplishes exactly what we wanted which is high energy, entertaining and informative."

"I am really happy with the site and I just received a $150,000 order from a company in Canberra, Australia who found us and ordered just from looking at the web site."

"I will be able to show the managers on Friday. Very nice work! I know the project has been a pain – but I like the results!"
—Penn Jersey Paper Co.

"Again, thanks for your hard work. We are extremely excited about the video and look forward to the next cut. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!"

"Michelle, we are happy with this version and along with the recommended screen actions, you have our approval to proceed to the next phase. Thanks for your efforts and responsiveness."

"Michelle et al, Looking forward to seeing the final version. Thank you for your collective efforts in creating and producing a great video!"

"David, I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding job your team did on the video for PSC Info Group. We are extremely pleased with the final project and I am already pushing it out to tradeshows and getting it in front of our potential clients. Your staff did an excellent job of meeting a tight deadline and working around our crazy schedules. Both Melissa and Laurence were wonderful to work with and I enjoyed the video shoot very much. I would be more than happy to serve as a reference for DDA and hope that I have the opportunity to work with you again. Take care and thanks again for your efforts to help PSC position themselves to be the best in the industry!"
—PSC Info Group

"We love it! Looks great! (RE: Jace Pharmaceuticals Video)"
—Jace Pharmaceuticals

"My thanks for doing the "leg" work to get all this information. I appreciate what you folks do for us. Please continue to take care of the website."
—CTM Systems, Inc.

"Thank you Elise. Thanks to all at DDA for their exceptional work in getting these projects completed in time. You guys definitely promised and delivered!"
—Jace Pharmaceuticals

"Dear Jessica, Many thanks. Looks like the volume of traffic has gone up and continues to improve. Also, I check on Google and we are really moving up with some keywords... We are the very first reference for kindey cancer active surveillance. Thanks for everything."

"Judy, Thanks very much for sending these. Again, they look great – client was very happy with these. Thanks again, team, for your vision and support."
—DAW Communications

"Hi Laura, Checked it out earlier this morning and it looks great. Many thanks."
—Tinius Olsen

"I have noticed that we have climbed very nicely on Google searches and we are actually first for kidney cancer and cryoablation, kidney cancer and laparoscopic partial nephrectomy, and kidney cancer and active surveillance. I know that these are pretty specific searches, but it is still very cool."

"Thank you. You are great."
—Galil Medical

"Dear Laurence, Excellent. Absolutely no changes."
—Tinius Olsen

"Laurence, Looks great. I have received very positive feedback (RE: DVR selector tool)"

"Hello and Thank you,
Enclosed is a check for our invoice. Everyone that I talk to loves the web site. Thanks again!"


"Fantastic. I really appreciate it. Looks good."
—Philadelphia Gear

"Thank you David. We are really happy with the end product. Great job! "
—Jace Pharmaceuticals

"Yes, I received it. I have approved and sent back. Thanks again for all of your great work!"
—Fairmount Behavioral Health Systems

"I just wanted to send an email to say that I'm glad that DDA does not send any surprise bills and provides a quote before doing any billable work. Please continue with this, as it eliminates most of the possible billing issues between customers & vendors. Just wanted to send this to let you know that I appreciate the value of DDA's practices."

"Good Afternoon Crystal,
I just received the brochures. Thank you for getting them to me so fast. They look great. All I need is a final invoice and then I will have a check sent to you. Again, please tell everybody how great they were to work with and I hope soon I will be calling for you all to create a great web site."

—Nationwide Hospitality

"I have NO doubt. Did I tell you how happy I was this turned out and you got it? I just want to say that from my first call with David - I was very impressed. He put a sincere, professional voice on your company. Rare these days. I hope to visit during this process. I'd love to see how its done."
—Critical Homecare Solutions

"You are pretty good at mind reading... You captured all my points very well."
—Sapling Company

"Looking really awesome! Just too cool!."

"The site looks & works great."

"I wish all my vendors were as good as you guys!"

"The home page & 2 inside page samples are awesome! Bigger Build & Buy looks great & rotating images will draw even more attention."

"The pic is awesome!"
—Jace Pharmaceuticals, Inc

"Great job!"
—Fairmount Behavioral Health System

"Oh My God!!! It's Beautiful!!! I love it...Thank You Sooooooo much."
—No Bite

"AH-Mazing! DDA Rocks!"

Spectacular! THANK YOU, DDA."

"The new clip is great! The presentation is smooth, and the information is clear and concise. Excellent work!"


"Thanks so much. We really appreciate your willingness to do this and the wonderful way you have worked with the models. Everyone is so excited to be part of the project and I think much of that comes from DDA making this both a professional and fun experience."

"This builder is awesome. Everything looks beautiful and the images look great, thank you so much."

"I can't thank you enough for the beautiful work that you've done here."

"Thanks again for all of your hard work and help. You really are a pleasure to work with."
—Chains and Charms

"The Website looks fantastic!"
—The Surplus Warehouse

"As usual, you offered all the information this neophyte requires."

"You and the staff at DDA have been a great help and very gracious to a very small account for which I am grateful. I look forward to continue working with you."
—CTM Systems, Inc.

"This is good. We are finished! Close out your project file. Return photo samples when possible (no rush). Thanks for all your expertise and fine work."
—Key Instruments

"Perfect - I love the suggestion! Please have Judy change the current copy when she gets back and addresses my font size request."
—Specialty Bar

"This is exactly what we wanted. Another great product from DDA!! I will send the artwork for the other two programs over hopefully by end of week."
—DAW Communications

"Just a note to thank you and your staff. We just received our third purchase order yesterday. The mark up was lower than usual but the total of the order was $157,000.00! We have booked over $210,000.00 over three orders since the website went live. I have quoted over forty companies in that time. Google is finding me when people make more specific searches. A one word search for "forgings" still comes up first on MSN but no where yet on Google. Honestly, I could live with the response I now have as long as the orders continue with the high dollar volume. Thanks again. I'm looking forward to getting the business cards, letterhead and envelopes. I'm happy with the logo. Happy Thanksgiving!"
—Philadelphia Forgings

"A great web site indeed. Congratulations to the designers."

"Thanks, We are definitely seeing more response here from some excellent potential customers."
—John Prosock Machine, Inc.

"DDA writers: I wanted to send you this order because it shows how the great work that you did on animal charms converts into sales, almost immediately. Again, thank you for all of your help and hard work."
—Chains and Charms

"Congrats on your Aesculapius award. We are always pleased with your work and the results we are getting from our website."
—John Prosock Machine, Inc.

"Judy, we are very excited about our new website and the optimization program! We have had 12 people contact us over the last two weeks who have found us on the new site and have converted three of the them into orders. We are hoping that as the site continues to be optimized that this will only grow."
—Atlantic Gasket Corporation

"Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the extra effort you put into the Requip CID Panel Website. Both myself and our client are very impressed with the result of your efforts. Great job….thanks again."
—DAW Communications

"That is exactly what I was hoping to see! I have not had a chance to proof but the format is great. Nice Job!"
—Specialty Bar

"Judy, I just checked our site on MSN, Google and Yahoo and the PSA chart is perfect. Great job!"
—Atlantic Gasket Corporation

"They look great! I really love the girls and boy crown picture the best."
—Party hats

"Good suggestion. And these proofs are AMAZING — great work everyone — this is going to be an excellent site."

"Thanks for all your hard work on this project. I know the timeline and challenges are not easy. From what I hear, you're doing a fabulous job. Thanks again. TGG really appreciates your efforts."
—The Garr Group

"I LOVE this. . .amazing job, wow! ... You go! Fabulous!"

"Thanks to everyone! I love this site!"

"I think this looks amazing!"

"I've just started looking at this, but my first impression is that it is fantastic!!! Thanks to everyone for making this happen on time!"

"Will spend more time poking around the site today, but my immediate reaction is WOW!"

"Carrie, absolutely great. Thank you. Look forward to seeing the tiffs."

"The feedback has been great on the invites... everyone loves them."
—Academy Collection Services

"I just wanted you to know that a large Canadian metals supplier just became Philadelphia Forgings' first customer. They placed an order for (36) aluminum forgings. I'm very excited about this result. I'm not expecting this to happen with great frequency, at least not for some time after the other search engines pick us up. However, I am very happy and anticipate a good overall result. We've only been "live" for two weeks and two days! Thanks for the great work done by your company. This is a very happy and unexpected beginning."
—Philadelphia Forgings

We (ARHP) wanted to share comments with you...

"She said that when she first clicked on the new home page design, she found the design "so amazing" that she had to go back and make sure she was in the right place! She added that "it now looks like a real website that consumers would use" and "I was almost moved to tears when I saw it." She is really pleased with the results!"

So, thanks again for everyone's hard work, creativity, and flexibility in making this all come together. It is going to be a great product!

"This is really good, creative work!"

"Thank you for your time. We appreciate your support over the years and are looking forward to continuing to work together to support and improve our site (we still receive compliments on how good our site is - more importantly the site is generating leads and business for us)."
—Advent Design Corporation

"Medical Flowmeter Sell Sheet printer's proof is approved to re-print... Thanks again for all your expertise & assistance."
—Key Instruments

"Gracias. You know too well the nature of what we do, it helps with the juggling! You guys always make things look slick, Talk soon, look forward to seeing how this starts to shape up!"

"Beautiful!! The (photography) quality level I hoped for."
—Pierce Roberts

"Thanks Judy and to everyone at DDA!!! We love it so far!"
—Medical Products Laboratories, Inc.

"This looks great—exactly what we discussed."

"That looks great. I have also obtained everyone's approval on this layout and design. This is what we will move forward with. Thank you for your hard work and coming in on your day off."
—Wells Fargo

"That page looks great, exactly what I had in mind!"
—Key Instruments

"Our guys at Broadwing were able to finally figure out the problem and it should cycle through to completion in another four hours or so. I wanted to thank you for catching it because our IT manager said they never would've realized it if someone hadn't pointed it out. Nice work."
—Philadelphia Gear Corporation

"To all who were involved in today's video shoot for the EC Website — BRAVO! BRAVA! Great work all around and I am terrifically excited about this piece of the Website overhaul. To those who were not there, I will fill you in on all the details under separate cover, but know that the models were perfect, prepared, and very committed to the issue; and DDA was prepared, flexible, and so generous with their time, talent, and space. It was an honor to be a part of this today — can't wait to see the outcome."

"OK, sounds good. Good point about the gloss and glad to know they might already be printed. It is nice to work with you guys as I can tell you think ahead on behalf of your client, and are detailed-oriented which makes everyone's life so much easier."

"...I would be happy to be used as a referral. The web site has been a great resource for new leads. I can point to millions of dollars in revenue from leads which were generated from our site. I also received numerous compliments regarding the quality of the site."
—Advent Design Corporation

"Wow, you really did a great job on these! You are a good writer."
—Wynn Environmental

"Now that is service!"
—Pulse Technologies, Inc.

"Thanks all, especially DDA folks — really great to see how this is coming together graphically."

"Thank you very much for the replacement panel. It arrived the next morning and I was able to set up for the remainder of the show! Thanks again! Top notch "Customer Service"!!! "
—Specialty Bar

"Thank you for your quick work on the On-Line Registration form, we have already received several today..."
—Pulse Technologies

"The homepage with changing flowmeters is great! I really like that concept and think it works well. The links on the acrylic page look great too. The FR2000 page also looks perfect. All in all we are very happy with all the changes you have made."

"We have browsed the photos from Wed, and we were very pleased with how they turned out. There are some great shots we would like to use."
—Key Instruments

After we launched, a site designed and written by DDA, Dave Peters informed us that the head of a machine shop directory told him it was the most optimized and well-designed machine website he had ever encountered.

"We just got our first RFQ from a new customer with huge potential for us. He did a search with very specific criteria and because of the great optimization we came up in the top 2 in PA for him. Thank you so much for you extra effort for us. We get great comments about our site all the time. In fact here's one:"

"GREAT look and feel of the (John Prosock Machine) site! WELL DONE! It is rare, (and very gratifying) to see shops thinking about having a consistent "feel". It is so often underestimated, yet so important to customer confidence."

—John Prosock Machine

"Wow! I think it looks fabulous! You fit everything in there just beautifully, even with bigger fonts and everything."

"Thanks for getting the Hand Guide website up and out. I just wanted to make sure everyone at Dynamic Digital knew how much we appreciated your efforts to make this site work! Thanks again for your help. You were a pleasure to work with."
—The Marketing Works!

"We have browsed the photos from Wednesday, and we were very pleased with how they turned out. There are some great shots we would like to use."
—Key Instruments

"...we LOVE what you did for us and we would like to thank you. The work is fabulous."

"It's guys did a great job at capturing the feel for our products and company image."

"I am very satisfied with everything. Everyone at DDA has done a fine job."
—Acro Labels

"Your website looks very professional. I look at a lot of customer websites, and yours is excellent by far for companies of similar size and business. Just felt people should be aware that your site manager is doing a fantastic job."
—Advent Design

"AMETEK is very pleased with the results we are getting with the search engines."

"Thanks for the extra help – Amy is fantastic!"

"The PowerPoint about the website was excellent"

"Thanks for all to you and the entire DDA staff - you have all been great. This is a very important project to me."

"Thanks so much for sending this link. This footage is fantastic!!! You folks have done a really great job envisioning the possibilities for this and making it happen. Thanks so much for all of your work on this and, especially, for taking a chunk out of your Saturday to accommodate our models' schedules. THANKS!!!!!"

"Seems like we are having a lot more traffic as of late...thank everyone for us."

"I just pulled off all the reports. I just quickly took a look at these reports and they are unbelievable. To track all this information is wonderful. Even down to the day of the week. Unbelievable."
—Besco Systems

"The website looks absolutely WONDERFUL! I cannot express how professional and stunning this looks. I cannot thank you enough for everything you've done, from the bottom of my heart."

"When we began with DDA a year ago we did not rank in the top 200 pages for any of our products so we are obviously excited with these results. We also continue to receive many compliments on our site. Everyone at DDA has done a great job of helping us achieve our goals and we appreciate it."
—Chapel Steel

"Everyone is very pleased with the design of the site. ...this is exactly what we needed."

"Wow. It looks great! I am forwarding it to our crew here and at Conceco/Matcor for opinions...but I think it's wonderful! I will get back to you as soon as I get feedback."

"A beautiful job on the Mini-Deep Anode Illustration!!! Thank you."

"Thanks for your outstanding professional work and your dropping other projects to get us out of a real time crunch is a wonderful testimonial for DDA. Your work under pressure is greatly appreciated."

"I just wanted to let you know that everyone is thrilled with the tradeshow graphics. I wasn't here when they arrived and my team met me with huge smiles when I returned. The business cards were received in a similar fashion. Thanks to your team!" 

"Thank you all very much for pushing to get the website out to the web. Once again while I feel I'm over using these words I do sincerely mean I appreciate your efforts to publish the site today."

"I received two kudos from my most critical sales reps. They are my best reps and they don't hesitate to offer constructive criticism. Thanks for your support in putting the web site together."
—Advent Design

"Thank you so much for all of your (and your team's) efforts in bringing this "rush" ad project to completion before our publishing deadlines."

"Thanks for setting up the conference call this morning. It was very productive. I appreciate your company's cooperative attitude and flexibility to refine all aspects of this site as we go."
—Key Instruments

"Excellent work on this. We are extremely pleased with the results and look forward to working with you guys on future projects."

"Thanks for the great work. You've given us a lot of powerful insights that will help us make good decisions for our own online strategy."

"Thank you sooooooo much for shipping a few brochures off right away. They really look good."
—Starquartz Industries, Inc.

"The folder looks great and your single sheet ideas look right on target."
—Lenox Instrument Co.

"I have to say it was a real pleasure to work with all of you. I met with my supervisor yesterday and told him just that. I suggested he look to you all again for this type of work."

"Thank you for an excellent job. You do nice work and I hope to be able to use your services in the future."

"I just wanted to say thank you for your time today. You really provided an education in regard to web development. I can see why your company is doing so well."
—Duggan & Brown, Inc.

"I just wanted to give kudos to Amy for tackling the Link-Assist issue — she provided good explanations of the issues and the problem of not receiving the e-mail notifications has gone away."
—Harold Beck

"It is always a pleasure working with you as well!!!"
—KeyStone Center

"Thanks for all of your hard work, perseverance and quick turnaround time with all of the changes and everything. Everyone really likes the way it came out."

"Thank you for making those changes. Everything looks great and we are very pleased with the final result. Looking forward to getting some feedback and inquiries from prospective customers. Thank you for your help."
—Quality Machined Products


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