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You've already seen Augmented Reality on television. Every time you look at a NFL game, the moving yellow line that indicates the first down marker is brought to you by Augmented Reality. The ability to layer in enhanced 3D computer data over live action in real time is one of AR's key attributes, and it has grown in scope and sophistication since it has been introduced.

DDA is a leading developer of custom mobile software applications, and we launched our first AR project back in 2009. Now that the advent of the internet has transformed the world and the way we access information, AR is about to take it even further, with more AR ideas to make your television viewing more fun, more dynamic, and more engaging.


As the internet grows in popularity, the TV industry needs to keep current, and AR's potential to link computer data with your TV is an ideal method for programmers and networks to add significant value to the TV experience. Because virtual objects can be readily modeled and edited, it is a very cost effective solution for adding excitement without a prohibitive production cost. For the end user, Augmented Reality opens up a whole new dimension to TV, with the ability to link the technologies of TV and the computer more powerfully than ever before.


AR is poised to become the perfect complement to TV programming and provide a much needed infusion of energy into the industry. Developers can enhance the TV experience in a competitive market in a number of significant ways that go far beyond the first down marker. Augmented Reality promises to be a new paradigm for the TV experience, with real time customization by the end user, and cost effective solutions for studios, producers, and programmers in the television industry.


Although there are many scenarios that can make use of the link between TV and AR, each AR application can be layered onto your selected TV program. You will be able to match Augmented Reality into the scene, whether it's a sports program, a drama, or a cooking show. The selected AR application will allow for a wide range of interactive tools you can use in association with the TV program. You can make annotations, add characters, and select from a large menu of options that allow you to customize and interact with the programming. With greater photorealism and real time delivery of high resolution graphics, Augmented Reality will be able to sit directly on top of the TV show, or blend seamlessly into the action. Whether you are having a laugh, or using web information to augment the experience, the future of AR for TV is very bright.

DDA has been involved in experiential marketing for decades, in all types of media, and for many types of businesses and industries. Our state-of-the-art production facility is equipped with a multimedia production suite and a professional sound booth and we are prepared to handle any project and incorporate any special features necessary to complete the job. We produce all of our work in house and can generate graphic design, scripts and storyboards, video and audio editing, 3D computer modeling and animation, as well as custom software design and programming. Whether you need database management, e-learning portals, or custom mobile software design for Augmented Reality, DDA would be pleased to discuss the possibilities. If you are involved in the television industry and would like to discuss AR concepts more thoroughly and how they might help your future, please give us a call.

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