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The world of Augmented Reality is full of great ideas to both enhance specialized processes and to produce customized products for a whole new generation of users. The tattoo craze has been in full force for well over twenty years now and shows no signs of slowing down. Augmented Reality has much to offer the tattooed community, with a set of virtual tools that allow you visualize a tattoo before it's applied, and to create an entire landscape of virtual tats others can see over their mobile device.

Apple and Android introduced their Augmented Reality platforms, Arkit and ARCore respectively, and this has opened up the development frontier for a new range of applications that employ your camera viewpoint as the 3D interface. By incorporating your unique perspective, the added elements such as 3D avatars and fully rendered environments, and photorealistic objects with real time effects like shadows, reflections, flame, steam etc. can be seamlessly integrated into your perception.


The tattoo community is very creative and competitive, with new ideas spreading quickly across parlors around the world. One of the best ways to imagine how a completed tattoo will look on your body is through an AR application that lets you see it virtually. Better yet, DDA's concept for tattoos will give you this capability as well as a range of new tattoo ideas bound to take the kids by storm.


While many people already enjoy tattoos, the ability to lower the risks of a new project, and the ability to enjoy all sorts of virtual tattoos that can be edited and readily moved and removed will have the potential to bring many more people into the community, and allow more people to enjoy the fun of tattoos without the ink, or enhance the ink they already enjoy.


Here's how it works: You access the tattoo app on your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. Whether you're in a parlor, or surfing anywhere, you can select a tattoo image and aim the camera to the place on your body you'd like to see, with the tattoo applied. You can then view the results at all angles in real time. You can make a selfie that saves an image to show your friends and family, and all before you commit to actual ink! Tattoo artist and clients will both be able to take full advantage of this helpful tool.

But, this still uses just a small part of what AR could do for the tattoo world. The tattoo app can help you create an assortment of virtual tattoos, those visible only over the camera. This secret society of tattoos makes you an insider into the community of online tattoo members, with the capability to animate the tattoos and add wild effects. Now, the dragon on your shoulder can breathe fire and smoke, and the angel on your other shoulder can give off light to the online observer. This adds another exciting dimension for the creative spirits in the industry and adds a new layer of fun and pleasure.

DDA is a leading developer of custom mobile software applications, and we specialize in crafting experiences that are enjoyable, memorable, and valuable. We take innovative concepts and employ a logical process to address the core goals of the project, determine the right set of tools, and integrate all of the components together for a seamless and satisfying end user experience. Our studio is conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, and our team of seasoned professionals is able take on any software development challenge. We launched our first AR project in 2009 and we are excited about the many possibilities ahead for AR development. If you would like to hear more about our tattoo application, or if you have another idea for Augmented Reality development, we would be happy to arrange a time to discuss it further.

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