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As augmented reality makes its way into our world, more people are taking advantage of the exciting range of features it offers to developers, entrepreneurs, and end users. Apple and Android have both opened up the development landscape with ARKit and ARCore, their AR development platforms, making it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access the interactive and immersive world of augmented reality. Unlike virtual reality, AR places the virtual world into the perspective of an individual's camera view, allowing 3D graphics, informational graphics, and text to appear as if it's right there in the space. Photorealistic graphics move with the perspective, with shadows, highlights, and reflections that update in real time.

Augmented reality had its beginnings in the medical industry as an interface for applications such as robotic surgery. As an innovator in VMS or virtual medical simulations, Augmented Realitease has led the way with augmented reality, launching their first project in 2009. Now that AR has hit the mainstream, they are excited about the spectrum of development possibilities ahead, and AR Tailor is one they think will have an exciting future.


AR Tailor will offer users a cost effective way to create customized clothing tailored precisely to their measurements. Both professional tailors and seamstresses can make use of its convenient interface and the wide availability of AR Tailor will open up the world of custom clothing to a new generation of enthusiasts.


AR Tailor has the potential to reinvigorate the custom clothing industry and help establish a new link between tailors and their prospective customers. The convenience of the app will also make the tailor's job a little easier, and facilitate the process of cutting patterns when linked with CNC cutting and automated sewing technology.


Anyone with a smartphone can access the AR Tailor app. First a full scan of the person will collect all of the critical measurements, appearing dynamically as floating text in the scene. Then a series of menus allow you to select from a wide range of patterns or a new pattern can be downloaded into the app. Other menus will give users access to an almost infinite selection of fabrics and patterns. After these selections are made, the ensemble will be layered over the person in real time, appearing as if they really are wearing the outfit. Subtleties in pattern and texture will be apparent, and the clothing will move when you move. When you're certain the look is right, the pattern can be downloaded as a 2D pattern file to your email or sent to a professional tailor with all of the specifications.

About DDA

Augmented Realitease is a leading software developer that's committed to their clients, and believes the future of AR has the potential to enhance future development project for all types of industries and activities. The Augmentd RealiTeace facilities are conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, and they have developed one of the most comprehensive skills sets of any production company anywhere. The team of fully degreed professional designers, programmers and multimedia specialists at Augmented RealiTease is prepared to take on any software development challenge, whether it includes virtual medical simulations (VMS), elearning, certification programs, and any other type of custom software design, and programming. Augmented Realitease does it all in house, without subcontracting to third parties. This way they are able to ensure complete integration of the final result and a flawless experience for all users across every device. If you would like to hear more about AR Tailor, or if you want to know more about augmented reality and how it will impact your business, contact us to set up a time to discuss this very promising future for innovative software.

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