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Augmented Reality is going to change aspects of our lifestyle in many unpredictable ways, enriching and enhancing some of our most traditional and time honored activities. While AR has tremendous potential for cutting edge experiences, simple and ancient activities like tai chi can also make innovative use of this exciting development in immersive mobile software applications.

DDA's new software application, Tai Chi AR can add an interactive layer of information onto your viewpoint and guide you through a tai chi sequence, allowing you to gradually improve and develop your movements until you achieve a high standard of fitness, both in the grace and accuracy of the moves and in the numerous health benefits tai chi provides.


Tai Chi is a hugely popular activity throughout the world. Both in its home in the Asian world and increasingly throughout America, tai chi is well known to offer benefits for the aged and the young alike. Its low impact and graceful integration of various poses in a gentle sequence of movements makes it ideal for those seeking a relaxing and scalable activity that can be both calming and physically engaging. To make the experience even more immersive, Tai Chi AR brings more enthusiasts to tai chi and helps newcomers adopt the skills more quickly.


Tai Chi itself is a very beneficial activity, and anything that makes it easier to learn and master is a long term benefit everyone can enjoy. What's more, with a greater ability to learn, more and more popularity for Tai Chi will increase awareness and participation in what is truly one of the best exercise regimes one can adopt for a lifelong habit. It's also important to mention that this type of AR application will prove to be widely effective for all types of detailed training regimes such as tai chi, including martial arts from other cultures around the world, such as Jui jitsu grappling techniques, Krav Maga tactics and Russian Systema physical training. AR is poised to provide interactive information designed to transform the entire spectrum of physical training.


Augmented Reality is a way to layer in computer interface information within your viewpoint, whether it is accessed by a smartphone or a hands free device like Samsung VR Gear, Google Cardboard or Microsoft Hololens. When you access Tai Chi AR, arrows and gestural indicators can guide you through your tai chi moves. The indicators will appear as if they sit within your exercise space, and can adjust interactively with your body's constantly changing position. This level of real time interactivity is what makes this iteration of Augmented Reality so vivid and effective. Tai Chi AR strives to make the educational experience as immersive and as effective as possible, with the ability to bring a novice to greater skill in a fraction of the time previously necessary.

Located in a convenient Philadelphia suburb, DDA's studio offers a uniquely comprehensive set of capabilities for custom mobile software application design, development, and implementation. We do all of our work in house to ensure a full integration and seamless operation of the final result. Our award-winning custom software brings innovative ideas into the marketplace by using a logical process that focuses on our clients' business goals, both in terms of the app's immediate impact and its long term viability. Fully degreed professionals in software design and programming, graphic design, as well as professional video editors and 3D animators can take on any type of mobile application software development challenge. Tai Chi AR is one of many new AR applications DDA is developing, and if you have any ideas you would care to discuss with us, we'd be only too happy to set up a time to talk.

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