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Augmented reality is changing the way we see the world, with a range of exciting features that are now available through your smartphone. Apple and Android have both introduced development platforms for augmented reality, named ArKit and ARCore respectively. This makes it possible for the broad distribution of AR apps and for developers to create a new world of interactive software for all types of interests and activities. Augmented RealiTease, as a leading developer of augmented reality applications and other types of software, would like to stir the interest of entrepreneurs with a host of ideas we feel have great potential in the AR development landscape.

Augmented RealiTease believes AR Survey would provide practical value for smartphone users worldwide, with a set of convenient tools designed to quickly and accurately estimate distances, angles, weights, and other useful calculations. Whether you are an architect or engineer in the field, a construction manager moving materials, or an individual gauging distances for a hike, AR Survey can provide on the spot data that can be applied for many types of activities.


AR Survey will have the capability to bring professional surveying tools to professionals and laymen alike. Whenever you need to assess a quantity in the landscape, you can access AR Survey on your smart device and acquire real-time data. The range of information available through AR Survey will be comprehensive, with data that can be useful for geologists, mountaineers, meteorologists, engineers, astronomers, sailors, and many more.


AR Survey will offer a flexible, cost effective, and dynamic method to extract more information from the landscape. Professionals will acquire more data in a shorter time, and reduce the hours spent on costly onsite surveys, with expanded datasets for a wider range of applications.


Augmented reality uses the camera on your smartphone or tablet to layer in 3D interactive graphics that update to your surroundings in real time. A user will be able to measure distances, angles, and volumes by scanning landmarks, shadows, objects, and piles of material to gather accurate real-world data in real time. Floating text will appear in the camera view and label the details in the landscape. A menu will allow users to select the types of data they wish to acquire, as well as the appropriate units for measurement. If you are stationary, fixed distances can be provided, and if you are on the move, AR Survey can provide you with updated running data as rates of change in dynamic measuring applications.

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As pioneers in the field of augmented reality, Augmented RealiTease is an ideal guide for the development of cutting edge AR applications. Augmented RealiTease employs an award-winning method to achieve our clients' goals, and its team of seasoned professionals is prepared to take on all aspects of the project in house. Augmented RealiTease's first AR project was launched in 2009, and the advent of widespread availability of AR applications through Apple and Android's development platforms makes this an ideal time to implement new, exciting, and highly useful AR concepts. Using a vertically integrated, step-by-step approach, Augmented RealiTease works closely with our clients to deliver results in the marketplace with highly focused experiences that offer cost effective solutions that stand out and retain their value in a fast paced development landscape. Whether the project requires virtual medical simulations (VMS), multimedia presentations, certification programs, and custom software design, programming, development, and testing, Augmented RealiTease meets the challenge and exceeds client expectations. If you want to hear more about AR Survey, or if you have another idea you think is well suited to AR development, contact us today.

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