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Surgical Theater eQuipment

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Apple's ARKit Augmented Reality opportunities suggest value-added application development dedicated to immersive experiences for advanced medical training. By intersecting real world surgical environments with virtual tools, students have more hands-on development of manual skills in association with

medical knowledge than previously possible. By using their smartphones, students could easily access a surgical theater, carry out procedures and discuss medical concepts in real time, attain real time assessment of tasks and track their performance over time.


There is an extreme shortage of highly qualified medical staff, and one of the main reasons is the lack of a cost-effective curriculum that can offer high quality hands-on training. While the importance of medical concepts themselves cannot be overlooked, the opportunity to connect these concepts to real world experiences that allows prospective surgeons the opportunity to work with a medical team, use all of the advanced equipment and implements, follow guided procedures, provides an invaluable counterpart to traditional training methods.


Surgical Theater eQuipment Application Concept is:

  • Scalable: can add any number of implements and equipment as needed
  • Customizable: the procedures can follow standards or customized by an instructor
  • Cost effective: virtual tools means far less expense and increases access
  • Immersive: photorealistic effects and real time speed make it a life-like experience
  • Lowers Risks: virtual scenarios can take many risks that would be otherwise impossible
  • Introduces a complete e-learning experience within a real-time 3D environment
  • Can be used for all levels of training and incorporated into Certification Programs


DDA's Surgical Theater eQuipment Application Concept, developed in tandem with medical professionals, allows developers of medical training curriculum to equip a surgical facility with any of the specialized equipment necessary for a given procedure. A detailed list of tasks can be given to each student who can independently train as different members of the surgical team. Online chat services allow for real time instruction and interaction. The actual cost of the experience is minimal compared to the full mock-up that would otherwise be necessary. Our modular-open ended set-up is designed for almost any type of procedure commonly conducted in a surgical theater of operations, and new equipment and techniques can be readily introduced.

DDA's production facility is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia and our full-time, highly trained staff can take on any mobile application development challenge, from the initial concept to the database programming. Using an integrated, step-by-step approach, DDA can incorporate any type of computer programming and visualization requirement. Our vertically structured studio offers professional graphic design and 3D computer modeling skills, as well as Aerial Drone footage, Virtual Reality, 360 Video, and Augmented Reality. Featuring a fully equipped professional video studio with sound booth, a complete set of multimedia capabilities, and a team of degreed computer programmers, we are skilled with the successful implementation of Mobile Applications, database programming, custom eLearning Platforms, and more. For the cutting edge in Augmented Reality, DDA offers the tools and the path ahead.

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