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Augmented Reality is about to change the way we interact with many of our favorite pastimes, and sports is one of the leading activities poised to experience a complete transformation. The advent of photorealistic, easily accessible, and easy-to-use Virtual Reality across your smartphone, tablet, or a hands-free device will allow 3D environments, objects, and avatars to participate in your favorite sports, while you can interact with a level of immersion previously unavailable. Whether you want to play tennis with a virtual opponent, a golfer looking to refine your swing, or on a team of soccer players in a famous stadium, Augmented Reality can give users a new way to develop their skills and add excitement to any sporting experience, Virtual skiing with a bracing level of realism and a range of favorite ski settings, surfing on the northern shore or Tahiti's monster waves, or mountain climbing the half dome in Yosemite—now it's possible to have these experiences without the expense, the risk, and the long lines.

Virtual Reality has been in the works for years, but a few barriers to widespread use has kept it from being fully implemented, until now. The ubiquity of high resolution cameras with an interconnected interface and a development platform for mobile applications has jump-started the Augmented Reality phase of software development. The intersection of computer data with our lived reality can soon become a layer of information strategically placed into our world, whether it takes the form of photorealistic effects and action, or diagrammatic arrows and lines to demonstrate grappling techniques or transitions in tai chi poses. Textual data can also be layered into the experience for those times when sports is enhanced with real time information delivery such as GPS data in hiking, or speed stats in racing events. You could evaluate performance after an event with detailed analysis of your sports activities that breaks down key moments in your actions. The opportunities for software development in the arena of Augmented Reality for Sports are so exciting that DDA wants to raise awareness about the possibilities.

DDA has been a leading provider of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality related software since its inception, and, as an experienced developer of award winning, mobile applications for a wide range of industries and products, we are fully prepared to take the 'what-if' of new ideas and make them into a logical, fully coordinated, and integrated experience that delivers value and translates into greater customer or client engagement and greater user profits. DDA's approach is unique for several key reasons. Our vertically integrated studio located just outside Philadelphia, furnishes all of its services in house; we do not outsource any part of the work. Our highly trained, fully degreed professional staff includes writers, graphic designers, software programmers and designers, and video and sound editors. No matter how ambitious your new software project, we are skilled with analyzing the core ideas, selecting the appropriate platform to deliver those ideas and setting up the most cost effective and robust solution. If you want to get into the game and start introducing the world to the field of Augmented Reality, we'd be proud to be on your team.

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