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Applications using Augmented Reality are starting to crop up everywhere, and more people are becoming aware of the great opportunities and advantages this interactive and immersive 3D interface provides. DDA is a leading developer of custom mobile software applications, and we are excited about the incorporation of Augmented Reality into an entire spectrum of applications and industries, from

advanced training simulations and VMS medical applications for surgical procedures, to apps that enhance games, hobbies, and sporting events. One of our concepts for an AR application, TailGate Rally, allows sports teams and fans to create customized content for sporting events that all participants can access through their smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device.


Sporting events are great morale boosters, and many teams and fans have found great ways to show their support for their team, from wearing team jerseys and war paint, to mascots, cheerleaders, banners, and bands. Augmented Reality gives developers many options to enhance team loyalty and layer in 3D computer graphics that make the experience more fun. In a competitive industry, specialized AR graphics added into an event via a smartphone can offer a fast method to provide a cost effective and memorable experience that can be readily updated to attract more sports fans and to develop more buzz and activity around the stadium.


From a cost perspective, the development of Augmented Reality applications for sports teams and their fans offers a wide variety of customizable options with great chance of attracting more fans and making the experience more fun, with minimal development costs. The application can also be readily scaled to meet rising levels of interest and new features can be easily added. TailGate Rally can be marketed as the 21st century way to enjoy sports and may be strategically employed to direct the television sports market into a new paradigm for programming content and fan interaction.


On game day, all ticket holders can access the TailGate Rally on their smartphone. The route to the game will be laid out for you, using your camera lens as the interface. Directional arrows will guide you from your home to the parking lot. If you're starting with a tailgate in the parking lot, 3D graphic indicators can hover as landmarks to attract fans. Navigation arrows continue to guide you to your seats. The stadium environment can appear through your phone as an entirely different environment, customized according to the details of the event. Everyone can change their appearance, with photorealistic 3D computer effects that update in real time. Stats for selected players can be introduced, and the data can track the movement of the player. Support graphics can indicate first down markers, strike zones, and track the flight of game balls lost in the clouds. Special entertainments and halftime shows can be delivered online, and planes can roar overhead when desired. These are just some of the possibilities when you consider how Augmented Reality can transform sporting events around the world.

We are specialists in crafting online experiences, and we have been developing meaningful and memorable software applications for a wide variety of clients since the inception of the internet. DDA introduced its first AR project in 2009, and the advent of AR platforms for the iPhone and the Android have opened up the development possibilities for a new wave innovative entrepreneurs and businesses. Conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, our team of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists can tackle any software development challenge, and we have the comprehensive skill set necessary to produce all aspects of the project in-house. This way, we are able to ensure complete communication with our clients, complete integration of all components, and to fully test the software for a completely satisfying, trouble-free end user experience. If you like the sound of TailGate Rally or if you have a great AR software application idea you want us to develop with you, we would be happy to schedule a time to talk about it.

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