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The world of Augmented Reality is changing all types of activities, and its 3D interface, photorealistic graphics, real time delivery, and a new level of interactivity all promise to transform many of the ways we relate to our information. From advanced training to your favorite hobby, Augmented Reality is poised to enhance and enrich both specialized work and everyday pleasure. For example,

skiing is a widely loved sport throughout the world, and AR can offer numerous ways to simulate the skiing experience, or augment the experience of skiing out in the brisk air. DDA is a leading developer of experiential marketing, including AR mobile software applications, and we are pleased to introduce the many possibilities for this exciting 3D interface, including a bracing trip down the slope.


AR has been developing for several years now, and DDA launched its first AR project back in 2009. The widespread availability of online devices and the explosion of their use across the world make it an ideal time for AR to come into its own and engage a new wave of possibilities for its highly-skilled audience. The time is ripe for developers to create applications that showcase how much AR can do, both in the world of industry and manufacturing, and the world of sports and hobbies.


Skiing is one of those activities that can take full advantage of the new advances in the interactivity AR provides. Apart from the instructional benefits that can be derived from real time interactive methods, the imagination can run as fast as the skis, with 3D graphics that make the hundredth trip down the slope even more unique than the last.


The advent of video gaming platforms that engage users with a more physically challenging interface has provided a whole generation of users with computer applications that are far more complex - and far more fun. The Wii, for example, has developed skiing games that allow gamers to use their body and change the dynamics of the game as they slide down the virtual face of the mountain. While AR will be able to advance on this type of gaming, it will also be able to go out onto the slope with you. Using a hands-free device, you can access an application that will merge with your perspective. As you ski down the slope, 3D computer data can be layered over your run. You can receive instructional material with arrows that indicate ways to shift your body and adjust your arm and hand positions. You can receive navigational data with arrows to direct you to the desired path. You can have a running display of floating text to point out landmarks and give updated weather data. You can even change features of the landscape and adjust the settings; as you ski down the slope you can change the snow color and turn it into sand or a field of flowers, you can turn other skiers into avatars, and much more. Whatever the scope of your needs or flights of fancy, AR can travel there with you.

DDA offers one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any production and marketing company either locally or nationally, and we are pleased to provide ideas and expertise towards this new Augmented Reality. We do not outsource our work - our team of seasoned professionals can address any complex custom software application requirement and provide the right specs, from the most optimum computer language, the correct portal and delivery method, to any of the special features necessary to complete the job. Whether it includes specialized multimedia, graphic design, 3D computer modeling, or animation, we focus on delivering measurable results and long lasting performance for our applications. If you'd like to hear more about Augmented Reality, contact us today to set up a meeting.

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