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The retail world has already experienced a dramatic transformation with the advent of online sales. Online retail has now eclipsed that of brick and mortar, and all at a breathtaking speed. Augmented Reality has the power to enhance both the online and the brick and mortar experience, allowing each to take the most advantageous features for their purposes. For online sales and shopping, end users can have access to an immersive and interactive experience previously unattainable, with features designed to keep customers coming back. For traditional brick and mortar establishments, Augmented Reality offers many exciting opportunities to rebuild customer loyalty, draw new customers, and provide cost effective updates and enhancements to their store or franchise.

By accessing a mobile application on your smartphone, iPad, or hands-free device, an online customer will use their camera viewpoint to visit a store or online mall. The 3D interface will be layered over your perspective, with photorealistic objects, floating graphics, animated avatars, and text delivered in a variety of formats. The experience can be modulated for a fully immersive environment, or subdued for customized access to retail information delivered in real time. For traditional store owners, discount programs based on the Pokémon Go model will encourage a fun filled, exploratory shopping experience, where the shopping landscape can be customized for participants, giving them a wholly different experience of the store at a cost effective price for the retailer. The experience can be easily updated and refreshed to encourage repeat visitors. In addition to the seasonal and holiday décor, a retailer can add another layer of virtual décor to develop and enhance the holiday or special event.

DDA is a leading developer of experiential marketing in all of its forms. We have been involved in online marketing since its inception, and we launched our first AR project in 2009. Now with the ubiquity of online devices in the marketplace, DDA is prepared to implement innovative ideas that add measurable value for your business. AR has the ability to make extensive changes to one's experience with a low cost strategy focused on 3D computer modeling that can be easily and cost effectively updated and edited. For solutions that deliver immediately and in the long term, communicate your ideas, goals, and expectations to DDA and we will set about creating software with maximum impact and memorable experiences people will want to revisit.

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