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While the widespread availability of information through the internet is unprecedented in history, it has also left us with deep security concerns we have never had to consider before. Technology has a deep interaction with human culture; the benefits of innovation must also be carefully weighed with the potential costs of its implementation and the associated risks involved in its pervasive deployment. Internet security, as well as the personal security of our property, is a primary concern, and, just as Augmented Reality is about to change many industries, the interactive 3D interface of AR is going to provide valuable solutions to security concerns for many types of end users. From companies seeking security in and around their facilities to families seeking security of their property, AR solutions will protect life and property, both real and virtual.

Augmented Reality is a development in the way we use and interact with our information online. By using your smartphone, tablet or hands-free device, a user can enter into an immersive experience using photorealistically-rendered 3D computer objects, with shadows and reflections that respond to the light conditions in your environment that update in real time. Businesses can arm their security with AR applications to scan the premises and receive updated reports. Remote inspection tools will allow for a thorough review of the premises or several places at once from a central remote location. Fire safety apps can provide lifesaving support by directing people out of a fire and showing the safest exit route in real time with updated information about the fire's progress. For personal security, family security, and improved security systems for businesses throughout the country, Augmented Reality will add vital data to actual conditions for viewers from their unique perspective and their unique security needs.

At DDA, we have serious experience with data security. As leading developers of online experiences and custom mobile software applications, we maintain the highest standards for the security of the information for our clients and their customers. We provide an extensive range of software programming services, from advanced database management, custom portals for CRM and e-learning, SaaS, and much more. DDA successfully launched its first AR project back in 2009, and we also have one of the most comprehensive sets of capabilities for all types of experiential marketing, from virtual games, 3D animation and modeling, to multimedia presentations and Augmented Reality. If you would like to know more about how Augmented Reality can enhance and improve your security, we would be pleased to discuss it further.

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