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As one of the most sophisticated visualization systems yet developed, Augmented Reality is poised to transform many of our industries and fields of knowledge, and the world of science will undoubtedly make extensive use of AR in the coming years. Augmented Reality is an immersive and interactive 3D computer interface that uses the camera on an online device to deliver information layered directly into a user's specific vantage point. Apple and Android have recently introduced ARKit and ARCore, their respective AR platforms, making it possible for anyone with a Smartphone, tablet or hands-free device to have access to AR mobile apps for a wide array of interests. Whether you're on the move, in your home, or in a classroom, science apps will change the way we relate to computer information. By using an interface that meshes with your point of view, you have access to a virtual landscape customized for specific purposes. 3D environments and avatars can establish the setting, and 3D objects can be rendered with lifelike accuracy, complete with shadows, reflections, and other effects that update in real time as you change your position. Various methods can be used to introduce audio and textual information into the landscape, with the opportunity to label and add data to both real and virtual objects. Whatever the setting, Augmented Reality will be able to add value to the experience.


An Augmented Reality application for the classroom can make use of the students' online device to create interactive presentations that guide them through a series of historic experiments, to make the learning experience more memorable and engaging. Animated charts can respond to a user's touch and indicate how variables relate dynamically.s

Lab settings

Laboratories can also make extensive use of Augmented Reality's valuable properties. A lab technician can scan his environment and access detailed data of its contents, with floating text associated to key equipment and lab inventory. Lab technicians can keep close track of the progress of experiments and processes, and network their actions for more integrated systems and better quality control.


Science presentations can also benefit from AR, with a new level of interactivity that makes presentations more engaging and memorable. The audience will be able to inhabit new settings, interact with 3D objects and processes, and review floating text, charts, and other graphics.


Science events and conventions can make use of Augmented Reality and its interactive capabilities as well. Each participant can use their online device for an app customized to address their specific interests and the set of scientific issues to be discussed, and the networking capability allows each member to interact with each other in real time.

DDA specializes in crafting customized mobile software applications. We have been involved with the development of Augmented Reality since our first project launch in 2009, and our clients range from heavy industry, manufacturing, medical and health care, education, and entertainment. Conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and our team of full time seasoned professionals is prepared to take on any software development challenge. Whether the project involves extensive database management, e learning, 3D computer modeling and animation, multimedia effects and production, or any type of custom software programming and design, DDA employs a logical and systematic approach to transform innovative concepts into robust software that delivers measurable results. If you would like to know more about our AR ideas for Science, or if you have a specific idea you feel would be well suited to AR development, let's arrange a time to meet and discuss it in detail.

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