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While the advent of Augmented Reality applications is certain to enhance and affect many types of businesses and industries, sales is bound to be one the fields where Augmented Reality will have a positive and immediate impact. Augmented Reality provides users with an immersive and interactive experience, a 3D computer-modeled informational space that can contain graphics, text, audio, 3D characters, customized environments, and detailed diagrammatic data. As innovative developers of mobile software applications,

DDA specializes in cutting edge experiential marketing that delivers results that can be tracked and measured. Our first AR project was launched in 2009, and now, with the wide availability of online devices and highly skilled interface users, the time to develop new ideas for the sales industry has never been more opportune. Our concept for a new sales app, Showcase, is one we would like to share with sales people ready to take the next step into the Augmented Reality landscape.


Sales is the ultimate in competitive markets, and the power of sales in any industry relies on its tools of persuasion. Demonstration skills are the most transparent of pitches because they let the virtues of the product speak for itself, and provide the potential customer with the best grounds to make an informed decision. Augmented Reality is the ultimate multimedia environment, where a demonstration of a product can be carried out effectively, and very cost effectively.


Showcase will be especially useful for car interiors, appliances, and a wide variety of utensils, and in any sales context where products sell their qualities through interaction. Far superior to a simple image gallery, now online browsers will have more powerful tools and environments in which to experience a product line and what a company has to offer.


Imagine a display of your product line that can be accessed, handled, and operated in real time through an online device like a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. Your virtual 3D computer modeled products will be rendered with lifelike accuracy, with photorealistic shadows, reflections, and effects that update in real time and adjust to your moving perspective. The sales environment can be infinitely customized and developed to reinforce brand identity. The products, details, and special features can be examined as if the real objects are being held in the hand, with the capability to operate them and interact with an immersive demonstration unlike anything previously available.

DDA has much to offer anyone interested in developing custom software, no matter the scope and complexity. We are located just outside Philadelphia, and our studio provides one of the most extensive skill sets of any software production company. We have a worldwide client base and have built our reputation on satisfied customers and repeat business. Our approach to software development involves a rigorous, step-by-step process that keeps our clients fully informed along the way. DDA's team of degreed professionals has the expertise and the seasoned experience to avoid development pitfalls and to maximize market impact. Whatever special features required are done in-house without outsourcing to other parties. This way we are able to keep development costs low, while ensuring seamless integration of all of the parts as well as a flawless end user experience. If you would like to know more about Showcase and how we can help your business with innovative software, let's set up a time for a discussion.

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