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Perhaps unexpectedly, one of the key areas where Augmented Reality applications will enjoy initial success is with the handicrafts. Augmented Reality is a 3D interface you can layer into your camera's lens from your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. By placing a user into an immersive and interactive space, people can gain new access to information, in the context that they need it, and within a real time format. For developers, this enables new ways to create an informational setting that is optimized for detailed instruction in all types of activities and industries. Augmented Reality will be used across the entire informational

landscape and incorporated into all types of education, from advanced surgical training, to machine assembly, and handicrafts, such as rigging and knot making. DDA is a leading developer of internet experiences, and we create custom mobile software applications for a broad spectrum of businesses and disciplines. We have many new concepts for AR applications we are excited about, and we plan to implement many of these with our clients in the upcoming years. As part of a suite of handicraft related AR concepts, Rig-It is one we expect will be able to reinvigorate a widespread knowledge of an ancient and useful skill.


Have you ever had to tie down something onto your car? Lash a boat to a dock? Loop a stack of wood boards and pull them up three floors? While not infrequent, we may still find ourselves in need of the right knot and the best rigging solutions when we need them. Even more, to have a thorough knowledge about how much knots can do and the wide variety of useful rigging configurations can prove to be a critically valuable handicraft.


Skill in rigging and fashioning the correct knot for the right application was once a common skill and now it is widely forgotten except among a few select trades and sailors that regularly employ their knowledge. Rig-It is a computer application that will encourage and foster this ancient knowledge among a wide range of enthusiasts, and offer this highly useful handicraft and practical skill for a new generation of people.


Whether you are in a real world situation or are sitting quietly in a study setting, Rig-It can adapt to your situation and your immediate needs. You can use a virtual rope through an application and go through a series of knot tying and rigging setups. You can interact with the virtual rope and be led through step-by-step instructions, with virtual arrows delivered in real time that guide you through each step. In a real world setting, Rig-it will identify the rope you are using and assess the task at hand. Rig-It will recommend the best solution for rigging and the series of knots required, or ways to reduce the number of knots while ensuring the best hard and fast solution.

We are well placed to introduce you into the world of Augmented Reality application development. DDA is an award winning developer of custom mobile software, and we specialize in the implementation of innovative content. We have the expertise and experience to take an initial concept and determine the core goals of the project. We will then select the best programming language and the optimum design strategy for maximum effect in the marketplace. We do all of our work in house and do not outsource any of our work. This way we are able to achieve a seamless result that ties all features and components together. Whether the project requires extensive database management, e learning, or any type of production features necessary to complete the project, DDA has the equipment and the expertise to exceed your expectations. If you would like to discus Rig-It or some of our other AR concepts for the handicrafts, or if you have an AR concept you would like to develop and implement, let's set up a time to discuss it in detail.

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