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The opportunity for software development that implements the latest advances in user interface design is bound to change the online landscape. Augmented Reality is poised to change the way we use our information and the way we process and experience it. These developments will be felt throughout the computer world and will provide a new frontier of innovation in the marketplace. While these changes will enhance training in manufacturing and industry, personalized instruction for education and corporate training, and numerous opportunities for the entertainment industry, people of faith will also find ways to engage in their beliefs with enhanced AR software.

Religions throughout the world have sought ways to illustrate and augment their sacred texts, and have left a great legacy of our world's culture as a result. Augmented Reality fits well within this tradition, a melding of text and image at a dramatically charged level of immersion and interaction, just as religious sculptures and frescoes of the past stove for in their culture. Like cinema and other video efforts, AR can take the technology and incorporate it into religious themed software designed to enhance the religious experience.

Augmented Reality works as a 3D computer interface you can access using the camera of your smartphone, iPad or hands-free device. You can study the Bible in a traditional setting, watch reenactments of crucial moments, and immerse yourself in a world where image, scripture, history, archaeology, and technology all come together in an integrated experience. Different applications can focus on a particular interest for a congregation or a group of students, either in a church setting or on a special excursion. Whether you are a regular churchgoer, student, minister, or historian, AR for religious applications will add meaning without detracting from the traditional message.

DDA is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia. We have extensive experience with all types of experiential marketing, from award winning health care apps to e-learning programs with certification capabilities, database management, and other sophisticated features. We are fully prepared to take on an ambitious project, determine the core goals, select the right set of programming and design tools, and design a robust product that is easy to use, seamlessly integrated, and long lasting. For an engaging, memorable and impactful delivery of the message in a customized and meaningful environment, DDA is ready to make a difference.

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