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New visualization opportunities and experiences are emerging for widespread use with the advent of Augmented Reality. Innovative 3D Augmented Reality applications are being developed that are going to change the way people access and use computer information. Using your smartphone, you will be able to have photorealistic graphics delivered in real time and situated inside your particular smartphone camera perspective. 3D computer objects will appear in the scene with lifelike accuracy, as if they are situated in the real scene.

Many types of graphic information can also be introduced—floating graphics and text, audio information, and diagrams can become part of the 3D immersive landscape. While these exciting new features are going to transform many industries and professions, Real Estate in particular offers many ways for Augmented Reality to be incorporated for memorable experiential marketing. DDA's Real Estate Tool Kit is an AR concept that's bound to bring the benefits of Augmented Reality into real estate offices around the country.


Everyone who uses Zillow and other real estate search websites know how much the availability of detailed, real time access to online information has transformed the industry. Using Augmented Reality, the experience of walking through a neighborhood for properties can place this real time information directly into the camera viewpoint of your smartphone. Now you can walk down a street and view updated real time data about prospective properties, with realtor data, current owner data, and ownership history that appears to float inside your perspective. For the fast paced environment of Real Estate, this real time delivery method will serve a valuable purpose in the market.


Augmented Reality incorporates 3D computer modeling into a user friendly interface. If you are touring through a property for sale, you can inspect all of the data necessary to make an informed decision. You can also stage a space with different furniture options for a customer to show the possibilities in a space without the expense of actually furnishing it. Real Estate Tool Kit gives you all of the tools to visualize a space and make changes as needed to imagine how a space can be used how finishes and colors can be altered, and suggestions for future renovations and facility upgrades. Whether you're a prospective buyer a seller or a business owner, The Real Estate Tool Kit can give you an edge in presentation and persuasion.


DDA's Real Estate Tool Kit combines the capabilities of Zillow with 3D computer visualization software for a high powered application that informs and inspires. On one hand you can have access to detailed database information in real time and inside your camera view, on the other you have the capability to add features to an existing property to visualize the many possible changes, and to increase its value and appeal. People from out of town can go on a virtual tour with you to see a property while you make changes on the fly, suggesting colors and furnishings, etc., and a corporate office can be filled with cubicles to indicate the circulation and density.

Our studio, located outside Philadelphia, is professionally staffed with degreed professionals with a uniquely diverse set of skills, allowing us to incorporate any necessary production feature into our award winning custom software application process. We work closely with our clients to address the core goals of any project, determine the best methods for the job, and deliver integrated results that can be tracked and measured. By not outsourcing any of our work, we maintain high standards and keep costs low, with a result that is highly integrated and seamlessly functional. If you are interested in the Real Estate Tool Kit, or if you'd like to talk about other possibilities for Augmented Reality, let's set up a time to meet.

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