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Purchasing Augmented Reality Application


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As Augmented Reality comes into focus, DDA would like to tell you about the emerging development opportunities for this powerful 3D interface. Augmented Reality has the potential to change the way we use and interact with computer data, transforming everything from machine assembly and operation to education programs, and AR will also likely change the way we conduct our transactions along the entire course of the supply chain.

From product development, concept presentations, manufacturing, purchasing, and selling, Augmented Reality will have a major influence with implications and enhancements that are far ranging and beneficial for the buying and selling process. DDA's proposal for a purchasing app gives new tools to wholesalers engaging in large scale transactions who wish to move fast and keep accurate records in real time.


In a fast-paced, competitive environment where decisions must be made quickly and accurately, a mobile app that can help purchasers as they move through a large inventory can prove to make the process more effective. Putting precise data in front of a buyer in the course of a walkthrough can serve to simplify and yet focus one's efforts as goods are inspected and prices are negotiated.


An AR app that can travel with you as you make large scale decisions will be a valuable tool on the purchasing floor as wholesalers continue to update their methods for acquiring goods. Buyers and sellers will be able to take advantage of the many potential benefits AR has to offer, and DDA is excited about the future of AR implementation for the wholesale market.


Purchasers will access their app from their mobile, online device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. The interactive capability of AR will allow one to quickly assess the size and scale of a given set of goods. Produce and other perishable goods can be inspected for freshness, items can be measured for quantity, and all inspection data can be logged in. Using the camera's lens on their device, users will be able to associate precise data into their perspective, with floating text that appears next to items being reviewed. This data can be updated in real time and adjust to shifts in position as users scan their items. A running tally of per cost purchases will allow for a speedy yet accurate account of the inspection, and purchasers can arrive at an agreement with the seller in a more efficient format.

DDA is a leading developer of custom mobile software applications, with award-winning experience for innovation and implementation. We have developed many types of software for various types of clients, from entertainment, to manufacturing, and healthcare, and we launched our first AR project in 2009. The advent of Apple's ARKit and Androids ARCore platforms has now opened up the Augmented Reality frontier, making AR widely available for millions of skilled interface users. The future of AR development is quite bright, and our purchasing application is one among many new application concepts we are pleased to share with our clients, our potential clients and their customers. Our company is conveniently located outside of Philadelphia and houses one of the most extensive and experienced skill sets of any software production anywhere. Because we keep all of our work in-house, we ensure complete communication with our clients, and a seamlessly integrated, fully tested, final result. Whether the project requires 3D computer modeling, graphic design, multimedia effects, database management, or any type of custom software design and programming, DDA has the skills and the experience to provide a result that will deliver maximum longevity and value in the marketplace. If you would like to hear more about our purchasing application concept or if you have another concept you believe is suited to Augmented Reality application development, we'd be happy to arrange a time to sit down and discuss it.

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