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Augmented reality is an interface that combines virtual computer graphics with a camera perspective for a unique experience customized to meet the demands of a particular industry or activity. The advent of ARKit and ARCore, Apple and Android's respective AR development platforms, makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access augmented reality apps.

Augmented RealiTease is a pioneer in the development of augmented reality, having introduced its first AR project in 2009. With a focus on the design and development of augmented reality apps for ARKit and ARCore, Augmented RealiTease is proposing a number of development concepts across the entire augmented reality landscape. Predictive Maintenance AR is a concept that takes full advantage of the features and capabilities of augmented reality to add practical value to a multibillion dollar industry.


The advent of smart factories that integrate predictive maintenance into their daily operations has emerged as one of the most important developments in facility management and facility management software. An integrated network of machine sensors, computer data analysis and diagnostics, and augmented reality inspection tools used to scan in process equipment will enable a new generation of predictive maintenance, with apps designed for customized processes and facilities.


Predictive Maintenance AR has the potential to be developed as a comprehensive platform for industries to both standardize and customize their predictive maintenance programs. Acting as an immersive, interactive, and dynamic tool, Predictive Maintenance AR employs augmented reality to engage users more deeply and efficiently into a specialized industrial process and its unique set of operational challenges.


Using a smartphone or tablet, Predictive Maintenance AR uses augmented reality to scan materials and equipment, and to gather details in an environment quickly and effectively for a comprehensive predictive management program. Unplanned downtime is one of the most costly obstacles to the efficient operation of any manufacturing or processing facility, and predictive maintenance is the best method to avoid these unwanted costs and interruptions of service. Sophisticated machine diagnostic tools have been developed to detect changes in vibration, temperature, pressure, and flow in different machine processes. Because processing often incorporates many different machines working in concert, predictive maintenance must involve the coordination of both old and new equipment, and a regular schedule of the components based on their individual needs. Gathering data from the factory and its associated equipment allows for repairs to be made in a non-emergency context.

Predictive Maintenance AR will employ augmented reality to inspect equipment, run advanced analytics, and display graphical information in real time on site during a tour of the facility, including indications of past and predicted performance. For example, an HVAC machine might require scheduled maintenance like a replacement of the filters every six months. As a first step towards the implementation of a predictive maintenance program, sensors can be installed in an HVAC machine to detect operating efficiency and undue vibration in the unit. Predictive Maintenance AR would be linked to the HVAC sensors, and allow an inspector to conduct routine inspections. Technicians can make a quick scan of each HVAC unit to obtain data about the last replacement, the current status of the machine, predicted service dates, past performance, and more. Maintenance triggers like an inoperable HVAC unit that requires immediate servicing can be implemented in Predictive Maintenance AR to alert on call technicians.

In bearing failure analysis, predictive tools can detect early machine failure. While rolling element bearings are designed to last for a long time, most bearings do not reach their designed lifetime. There are different options in the monitoring and subsequent servicing of the assembly, but preventive methods provide the best long term solution. Key optical detection capabilities allow augmented reality apps to analyze inadequate lubrication and component fatigue. AR can be used to optically detect an unevenly distributed load on the bearing and any undue vibration caused by too much load. Raceway patterns can be optically scanned for inspection, as well as the compatibility and analysis of the lubricant. Optical detection of oil sampling results can use augmented reality to detect fine metal shavings with greater capability than the naked eye for indication of component fatigue.

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