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Augmented reality is not just a new high-tech gimmick; it's a 3D interactive interface with the potential to transform the way we look at the world, and the way we interact within it. By accessing mobile software applications on your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, you will be able to immerse yourself into a customized experience through your camera lens. A layer of 3D virtual elements—avatars, 3D objects, floating graphics and text, as well as immersive sound and other effects—will engage viewers with an altered version of their immediate surroundings. Applications will be used for the entire range of human activity, from knitting and gardening to equipment operation and surgical training. Each application will offer a suitable computer environment layered over your experience, and provide a set of interactive virtual tools appropriate to the particular activity or experience desired by the user. Real-time feedback allows for a flexible and responsive interface that melds into your lived reality. With the seamless operation of a fully functional interface, the actual environment around a viewer is enriched by interactive virtual objects and information designed to augment and enhance any type of directed action.

This vividness of graphics and effects, real-time responsiveness, and seamless interactivity combine into an AR interface with the ability to accelerate learning in a newly framed, hands-on method to relate to computer data. Much like the Wii, where the human body interacts more directly with the computer game, augmented reality will provide assistance for trainees learning to repair motors, for tourists exploring Roman ruins reconstructed to their former glory, or for people navigating their way out of a smoke-filled building, to name jsut a few examples. AR is a breakthrough in how people interact with the world around them.

Augmented RealiTease is all about innovation. As award-winning developers of custom mobile software applications, we have been involved with AR since the launch of our first project in 2009, and are well-prepared to guide our clients and their customers into the burgeoning augmented reality landscape.

The ubiquity of online mobile devices like smartphones and tablets makes the deployment of AR apps very timely, and Augmented RealiTease has the experience and the expertise to see trends and to build robust applications that meet core challenges and exceed project expectations. Substantial innovation in any field requires a detailed knowledge of prevailing methods and a sense of improvement and flexibility to create new ways to take advantage of new features without distracting from the core needs of the project. Augmented RealiTease software demonstrates measurable, quantifiable results that reflect real long-term value, giving clients peace of mind that their resources are being put to good use. With one of most comprehensive skill sets available for experiential marketing, Augmented RealiTease can incorporate nearly any special feature into application software, from database management, eLearning portals, and 3D computer modeling and animation, to video and gamified interactive elements and more. Take some time out to learn more about the wide field of opportunities available in the unfolding frontier of augmented reality. Contact Augmented RealiTease today.

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