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The world of online experiences is about to undergo a vital transformation. Augmented Reality is a 3D interface that is now showing up everywhere, finding uses and applications for a whole spectrum of businesses and industries. What Augmented Reality fundamentally offers is a customizable 3D interface with an information landscape layered over your lived experiences. The ability to

interact virtually with different types of information makes for an immersive and exciting experience where new ways of delivering ideas, graphics, and information promises an entirely new world of experiential marketing. DDA's Virtual Reminders app is one of our new mobile software application ideas and makes use some of the great features now available through Augmented Reality.


When the humble sticky note first arrived on the scene, it quickly became such a hugely popular tool that people didn't know how they lived without them. As an instant success, it was readily apparent that there was a need for a quick and convenient format for delivering notes in swatches that could be temporarily fixed in space and readily moved as well. Augmented reality is the ultimate Virtual Reminder interface with the ability to float all sorts of detailed information directly into your everyday experience. Virtual reminders will be able to pick where the paper sticky notes leaves off.


While this application promises to be just as useful as paper sticky notes, the interactivity and generation of virtual notes when they are needed will also provide additional benefits that are quite significant. People suffering from Alzheimer's live in the present, and the ability to give helpful notes to people throughout the course of their day could prove to be invaluable, as well as the rest of us who need helpful reminders delivered at just the right moment. Virtual Reminders using augmented reality add up to a labeled landscape customized to your needs and priorities, delivered on cue, whenever you want, wherever you need them, and on whatever object or place you want.


The augmented reality landscape is accessible through your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. By using your camera viewpoint, 3D computer objects appear in your perspective and adjust to changes in movement to appear as if they float or land in real space. Notes can now inhabit your landscape with reminders and notes you can make on the fly. Notes will appear as if they are real, and can appear on objects around the house, on your car, in your office, church, etc. Notes can appear when you call someone, do a certain activity, encounter an individual, eat a meal or open the weather app, use the bathroom, go to sleep, etc. Notes can be time sensitive and appear as reminders when you need them. The format can be changed according to priority and set up through a centralized source via text or voice activated commands. Now when you take a walk, your virtual reminder can remind you when you need to attend to errands or appointments.

Augmented RealiTease is a leading developer of innovative award winning mobile software applications and we are excited about the future of augmented reality. The ubiquity of smartphones now allows almost anyone to have access to the capabilities of AR technology, and Augmented RealiTease has all of the skills necessary to take a new AR concept and bring it to life. The first AR project by Augmented RealiTease was in 2009, but with the advent of widespread smartphone use and new AR development platforms such as Apple's ARKit and others, we are ready to explore all of the possibilities. Augmented RealiTease is unique in the range of production services we offer under one roof; all its projects are completed in-house without outsourcing to other parties. This way Augmented RealiTease is able to maintain the highest quality control and seamless integration of components, including software design and programming, as well as any of the associated facets of the project, whether it includes 3D computer graphics, graphic design, database management, multimedia, and more. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of Virtual Reminder, or if you have an augmented reality project in mind, we would be pleased to set a reminder for our next meeting.

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