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Augmented Reality is going to change the way we use information, with a level of interactivity that engages us as we go about our daily routine. By accessing AR applications from your smartphone, tablet, or hands free device, you will be able to add a layer of information into your camera viewpoint, allowing you to interact with virtual objects, landscapes, and data that appears as if it lives inside your perspective. While Augmented Reality will

change how advanced training will be done in factories and emergency rooms, it will also have a dramatic effect on our most humble everyday tasks. DDA's Plant-It is an exciting idea for an Augmented Reality application that can help gardeners develop a garden design, assemble the best collection of plants, work out the best arrangement, and have real time information about the current status, with interactive suggestions and more.


Gardening is a vital activity for people around the world, not just for sustenance and fresh food, but for the exercise, relaxation, and the pleasure as well. Augmented Reality can enhance this experience and add useful information as you plant, weed, cultivate, and harvest your garden, with a range of features designed to make gardening even more pleasurable. With the vast assortment of flowers and vegetables, the seemingly simple task of gardening is actually quite complex, and the many details of horticulture and plant life can now be available to everyone right in their garden plot without the need for manuals and other material.


Plant-It is an exciting development that will enrich the experience of gardeners, provide detailed information about their specific garden plot and the selected flowers and vegetables, and help them assess the challenges and opportunities wherever they may happen to cultivate their crop. Plant-It's immersive qualities will attract even more gardening enthusiasts who will be able to take advantage of the enhanced experience provided by Augmented Reality.


Plant-It works through your smartphone and uses your camera viewpoint to assess the garden. Using data that floats around the plants in real time, Plants can be readily identified, their current status reviewed and evaluated, vegetables can be checked for ripeness, weeds, fungi, spores, and pests can be identified as well, with recommended remedies provided on the spot. If you are just starting to set up a garden, Plant-It can make recommendations according to your sun angle and exposure. Plant-It can also recommend which plants are best for a particular position in an existing setup based on the selected plants' need for sun or shade, and for optimum compatibility with neighboring plants. During the harvest, Plant-It can help you decide when it's best to pick the fruit for the most delicious results. You can also keep a daily record of the garden's progress, with snapshots that include captions, charts, and other data as you track the garden through the growing season.

DDA is all about enhanced experiences. We are a leading developer of Augmented Reality with award winning experience with mobile software application design and development. We take exciting ideas and do all of the hard work necessary to create a seamlessly functioning AR environment. This requires advanced understanding of software design programming and optimized implementation strategies to achieve the best results. Our team of degreed professionals has worked out a logical step-by-step approach to software design and development that can address any challenge. We work closely with our clients to ensure full communication, determine the core goals of the project, keep everyone fully informed, and to integrate all aspects of the final result. With our comprehensive range of experiential marketing services, we are prepared to make your ideas flourish in the Augmented Reality marketplace. If you would like to discuss Plant-It or some other AR projects, let's schedule a time to talk.

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