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DDA is developing the next wave of mobile software applications, and augmented reality is the way forward. AR is an entirely different way for smartphone users to access computer data, with layers of information and imagery that mesh seamlessly into your smartphone's camera viewpoint. Diagrammatic and textual information can appear in the space as floating elements, while objects and environments can be introduced with photo realistic accuracy and detail. Real-time graphics speed allows shadows and reflections to adjust in real time, making for a more immersive and

memorable experience. While many augmented reality applications can be developed to enhance entertainment and gaming, etc., others may focus on practical and technical information systems that make our lived experience more informed and vivid. With more devices like smartphones, tablets, and hand-free hardware, the future of augmented reality application development is very bright, and DDA is ready to show you the many possibilities for this exciting 3D interface.


Travel and transportation is a vital concern in the modern world, and travelers are always seeking more convenient ways to access more information about air travel and airline arrivals and departures. As airports grow in number and complexity, more advanced orientation systems would provide vital wayfinding for travelers moving through airports and locating their plane. Plane-to-See allows any smartphone user to point their camera at a plane and determine all of its route information, as well as many other details: flight number, passenger count, current altitude, and more.


Pilots, military personnel, and veteran travelers can stay more connected by using Plane-to-See, offering an experience that's almost like having an air traffic control center on your smartphone. With this level of interactivity, and the opportunity to scale and customize the information, Plane-to-See offers benefits to travelers and analysts around the world.


With the wide range of planes in the sky, there are many opportunities to spot and identify aircraft. The Plane-to-See concept is a mobile software application that makes it easy for users to locate an airplane in the sky or on the tarmac to obtain highly detailed information about its route, travel distances, and more, with real time updates as it moves. For civilian applications, Plane-to-See provides enhanced travel experiences for users who wish to be more intimately involved with the flight patterns of planes that concern them and their family. For military applications, plane identification is a vital concern, and Plane-to-See provides detailed information about planes in a field of view for a critical intelligence gathering tool.

Augmented RealiTease is an award-winning developer of mobile software applications, and we have been involved with augmented reality since 2009. Its fully equipped studios are located just outside Philadelphia, and offers a uniquely broad range of professional design, programming, and marketing services under one roof. Augmented RealiTease does all of its work in house and does not outsource to other companies. This allows the company to provide the most integrated, logical, and well-constructed custom software possible, designed specifically to achieve our clients' goals and exceed their expectations. If you would like to learn more about the Plane-to-See concept, or discuss another custom augmented reality application idea, contact us today.

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