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Augmented Reality is having an impact across the entire spectrum of industries and activities, and while serious applications like simulation training and multimedia presentations are enjoying the immersive and interactive benefits of AR, other activities like gardening and decorating are also making great use of what Augmented Reality

has to offer. Both Apple and Android have come out with AR platforms that make it easy for smartphone users to gain access to Augmented Reality applications, and, as a leader in custom mobile software applications, DDA would like to share one of the many AR ideas we have in the development pipeline.


Pet owners are a widespread audience for AR concepts. There are many opportunities for this AR application, as there are numerous ways for Augmented Reality to enhance your relationship with your pet. Pet Professor can allow you to have a better relationship with your furry friend, with tools to engage them in activities, diagnose their health, and make your home a better, more comfortable place. Whether you're looking for the right place to make a perch for your cat, toy for your Chihuahua, or the right collar for your pet puma, Pet Professor can help.


Pet Professor will help pet lovers around the world gain insight into their pet and its needs, along with other ways to make their relationship more fun and playful. The immersive qualities of the AR interface will make it easier to access real-time information, and the seamless interactivity of the AR interface will enable pet lovers to engage in their pet's information more dynamically and more accurately.


You can access Pet Professor from your mobile device. As a laugh, you can put virtual clothes on your pet that doesn't chafe or itch. When you take your dog to the park, a group of dogs at the park can be scanned to get detailed data about each one, finding your dog's friends or most likely playmates. Pet Professor can figure out what activity or treat will calm them down when they're acting up, and recommend adjustments to your living space to make it more comfortable for your more acrobatic cats.

While Pet Professor is not a replacement for a veterinarian, your pet's health problems can be detected early with basic diagnostic tools. Pet Professor will assist you when you need to figure out whether your pet's problem is serious and can make some basic recommendations. A calendar can keep track of walking and feeding times, vet visits, and playdates with favorite pet pals.

DDA has award-winning experience with custom mobile software applications, and we developed our first project for AR back in 2009. Now that Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore platforms have opened up the AR landscape, we are pleased to develop AR concepts for applications of all kinds, with the experience and the knowledge to implement any innovative idea and produce results that are logical, functional, memorable, and fun. Our studio is located just outside of Philadelphia, and our team of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists can produce any of the special features necessary to complete a project, whether it includes 3D computer modeling, database management, or any type of custom software programming and design. If you are a pet lover would like to discuss Pet Professor with us, or if you have other Augmented Reality concepts to bring to the table, let's arrange a time to discuss the possibilities.

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