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Computer information has transformed many of the ways we carry out everyday tasks, and Augmented Reality is a 3D interface that's going to take things one step further. Augmented Reality is a virtual simulation system that can be readily accessed via your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. Now that there are so many skilled users of an online interface with millions of application users, the time for new Augmented Reality application development has never looked so promising. As leading creators of innovative software for all types of industries and users, DDA is excited about the many opportunities available in the unfolding landscape of Augmented Reality. From advanced medical simulations to applications for drawing and machine operation, AR will have a significant impact, even in the ways we care for our beloved pets.

The key benefit of Augmented Reality is the immersive format in which specialized information can be delivered. Online devices already give us real time access to information with unprecedented convenience, and now it can be accessed within a real time 3D computer environment that adjusts to your camera perspective. The data appears as if it resides directly inside your viewpoint, with information that can be modeled in many different ways. Photorealistic objects are rendered with vivid accuracy, and shadows, reflections, and other effects adjust to shifts in position and available light. This can include 3D virtual characters or avatars that can guide you through a technique, with floating text or audio prompts. Diagrammatic arrows can offer precise operational instructions in real time when you need them, and interactive interface options can gauge the results of your efforts and make further recommendations if necessary.

There are many implications for pet care. You can scan a group of dogs at the park and get detailed data about each species. You can scan your pets for early health problems or to diagnose a sick pet. While not a replacement for a veterinarian, diagnostic apps can assist you in determining whether a problem with your pet is a serious one, and what the possible solutions might be. If they

are acting up, an app can figure out what activity or treat might best soothe them, or even if some perches need to be arranged in your room for your cat. The field of development is open, and there is bound to be a broad market for applications that make pet care more convenient and more proactive.

DDA is a group of pet-loving software developers who would love to talk to you about custom software development and cutting-edge experiential marketing. We employ a seasoned team of software professionals, many of whom own cats and dogs. We do all of our work in-house and do not outsource any components to others in order to ensure a fully integrated result and a cost effective working process. DDA has won numerous awards for our innovative custom mobile software applications, and we launched our first Augmented Reality project in 2009. We use a logical, step-by-step approach that keeps our clients in the loop and addresses all special features of the project, whether it requires e-learning portals, database management, 3D computer modeling and animation, and any type of custom software design and programming. Our facility is located just outside Philadelphia for easy access, and we look forward to discussing Augmented Reality with you, and how it could best suit the needs of your business.

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