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Augmented reality is about to change the way we look at the world, with a range of possibilities that were never possible before. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality has the capability to incorporate the virtual into your lived experience, making for a more integrated yet more immersive perspective. Apple and Android have launched ARKit and ARCore development platforms for augmented reality, opening up the possibilities for developers and entrepreneurs to create apps anyone with a smartphone or tablet can access anytime, anywhere.

From instructions on fixing advanced equipment, to new apps for the medical industry, augmented reality will alter the software development landscape for the foreseeable future.Augmented RealiTease is a leading software developer that's been involved with AR for nearly a decade now, and they are looking forward to the possibilities, with a wide range of concepts they invite you to consider. AR Pet is one the concepts on the fun side of the equation and we think it has the potential to be a great hit.


Pets are everywhere, and everyone loves them. Except landlords. In the many cases where it's not feasible or desirable to own a real pet, AR Pet lets you into the world of pet ownership, without the need to clean out the litter box. Through the magic of AR, owning a pet in the 21st century is a new experience, one that offers intimacy without responsibility, and adds features otherwise unavailable through any other medium.


Apart from the benefits provided by the removal of expense and the lack of hair on your clothes, AR Pet offers people from all walks of life a chance to engage with a friend that's there when you need them, and allows people to ease life's challenges with a familiar companion, whether it's a canine, feline, or falcon.


You can access AR Pet from your smartphone or tablet. The camera will act as the interface and place your pet right into the view of your living room. You can select your pet from a menu of possibilities. For those who desire a constant companion, AR Pet will reconnect you to your best friend. Others may wish to customize and alter their pet from day to day. You can change the breed, the fur, and eye color, even change its daily habits and the tone of their bark or meow. Unlike real pets, you don't have to be bound by convention, so panthers, swordfish, and honey badgers are freely allowed.

The graphic properties of AR will be able to render these pets with lifelike accuracy, updating their movements and placing them in your scene in real time. The more adventurous can combine a rhino with the chirp of a cockatoo, and baroque assemblies of fauna will rise up and request attention like a cat purring for food. The possibilities for pet design await creative minds and augmented reality pet owners can enjoy their creations for as long as they wish, without visits to the vet and without the expense of food and board.

About Augmented RealiTease

Augmented RealiTease has been crafting experiences for augmented reality since they launched their first project back in 2009. With ARKit and ARCore, augmented reality has become part of the mainstream, and applications like AR Pet are just one of the many concepts available for development and implementation. Augmented RealiTease draws from a long list of satisfied repeat clients, and their logical, step-by-step approach and close communication during the process ensures that client expectations are met and exceeded. Whether the project requires virtual medical simulations (VMS), multimedia presentations, certification programs, and custom software design, programming, development, and testing, Augmented RealiTease does all of its work in house, without resorting to other parties to complete a project. This way they are able to ensure flawless performance across all platforms and all devices, with robust performance and a seamless integration of all features. If you would like to hear more about AR Pet, or if you would like to take a tour of our facility and discuss the future of AR in your industry, Augmented RealiTease is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia. Augmented RealiTease will be pleased to set up a convenient time to show you what augmented reality can do for you and your business. Contact us today.

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