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As Augmented Reality is increasingly incorporated into software applications, we are seeing more ways for this exciting 3D interface to become useful across the entire spectrum of human activity, from advanced surgery to machine assembly and personal hobbies. Apple and Android introduced their AR platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, with exciting implications for the future of widespread deployment. Anyone with smartphone or tablet can access Augmented Reality apps using the camera as the source of the interface. When AR applications are integrated with hands free delivery systems, the prospects for developing performance enhancements are even more promising. Photorealistic graphics can render environments, introduce avatars, and 3D virtual objects can be manipulated and programmed with hepatic intelligence. Hepatic Intelligence provides the opportunity to give weight and heft to virtual objects and the ability to deliver other types of sensory feedback for a fully immersive and interactive simulation experience.

DDA can see the advantages for many industries to develop new application concepts that enhance and accelerate performance in a variety of settings. From physical activities like bowling and perfecting a golf swing, to teaching your kids to put a spiral on their football throw, the interactive capabilities of AR will make it easier to teach and to learn. Muscle memory guided by graphic support makes it easier to visualize how to improve a particular motion or set of motions to arrive at the best result. For example, a batter can look at his swing in detail over a course of several pitches. Graphic analysis can break down the details of the swing; the timing, ball speed, the position of the hips, accuracy to the ball, velocity, and other factors. Diagrammatic arrows can analyze and make suggestions as to refinements.

Augmented Reality applications can address gross motor skills for many athletic endeavors, from lacrosse to ballet, and also focus on close work such as knitting and calligraphy. Applications can be developed for a hobbyist, a professional, or for a detailed educational program over a series of immersive sessions that result in credits or certifications in a curricular environment. The opportunities to mesh informational and graphical data into situations where real time adjustments can be made will prove to be an invaluable visualization and learning tool worldwide.

DDA is a leader in experiential marketing, custom mobile application software, and Augmented Reality. We are an Augmented Reality app company with extensive experience in all types of mobile applications, with a broad base of repeat clients. Conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, we have established one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any software production company anywhere. We can take on any type of custom software challenge in house, without resorting to third parties. This way, we are able to control costs, keep in close contact with our clients during every stage of production, and ensure a flawless and fully-tested end result, across every platform and to every device. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations and to deliver innovative solutions with robust performance. If you want to know more about how we think Augmented Reality is poised to transform the way we use computer data for Performance Enhancements, you have an idea you think is well suited for Augmented Reality, we'd be happy to set up a time to discuss it in detail.

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