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The world of Augmented Reality is about to change the way we relate to computer information, as well as with each other. Just as social media has exploded across our culture, the linkages between census, human resources, and security data to people around the world have also developed into sophisticated networks. The real time interactive potential of AR is going to transform methods for taking polls, managing a population of patients or inmates, keeping a fully updated database of employees, and for meeting up with friends and acquaintances.

Augmented Reality provides what is, in effect, a 3D interface that takes the place of a desktop interface. Using the camera viewpoint from your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, you can access an app that will add a layer of information into your perspective. While Augmented Reality has the capability to transform the landscape, with environmental 3D computer graphics, complete with photorealistic objects and effects, the applications for interacting with people are also impressive. The real time data delivery capability of an online device combined with graphics placed directly into a real situation enables people to scan the faces of those nearby and glean valuable, context specific information. For people involved in keeping a staff of personnel safe, this is an invaluable tool. One can scan those nearby and determine whether they belong in a certain area, what their status is, and what they are likely to be doing. For example, nursing homes will be able to keep all of their patients fully supervised, and nurses can readily determine a patient's records and current condition. Polltakers, and other scenarios where votes are collected, can retrieve data in real time, with associated metadata corresponding to the poll. Security staff can always check if a person is a visitor or an employee without referring to additional documents, and organizations such as the TSA would have access to valuable data to streamline the inspections process.

DDA has been involved in the development of custom mobile software applications since its inception, and we have extensive experience with all types of experiential marketing. Our award winning, step-by-step approach to software development always keeps our clients fully informed along the way. We strive to create software that stays focused on the core goals of the project, and we have a comprehensive range of capabilities to provide any special features necessary to complete the project. Because we do not outsource any of our work, we are able to make sure all of the components are fully integrated and work perfectly together to ensure a satisfying and seamless end user experience. Whether it involves complex data management, e- learning, or custom graphic design, animation, or multimedia expertise, DDA is ready to meet the challenge and exceed expectations. If you would like to know more about how Augmented Reality can change your management of human resources, give us a call today.

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