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The power of Augmented Reality is about to assert itself in the world of computer information. AR is the latest effort to incorporate 3D computer technology into the interface landscape with immersive capabilities that were previously impossible to achieve. The wide availability of devices like the smartphone, iPad, and hands free tools such as Google and Hololens glasses make the possibility of high powered

Augmented Reality more attractive for developers interested in making the best use of this exciting new method of delivering and interacting with information. As a leading developer of custom mobile software applications, DDA is well versed in both the challenges and the opportunities of Augmented Reality, and we have a number of ideas for future projects we'd like to share with you.


People ID is an innovative method for identifying colleagues, friends, relatives, and business acquaintances. In the fast paced world of social media, conferences calls, and email, it becomes increasingly difficult to know people by their face. We can develop meaningful and complex relationships via email and facebook without becoming thoroughly familiar with someone's appearance when we actually meet them. For business situations, meeting colleagues after a lengthy correspondence is common, and the need to place the name with the face for conferences and meetings can be an important tool to facilitate events. Long lost relatives and friends can be located and identified for an exciting reunion.


It's all about making connections. With People ID it's far easier to make sure you can connect with all of your associates in any setting, with real time data to support the meeting. Whether you're looking up an old friend, or meeting a large number of business associates at a conference, you're never going to be searching for a name again. People ID will also be invaluable for the elderly as it provides an excellent aid to memory.


Augmented Reality adds a layer of interactive computer information into your smartphone's camera viewpoint, and, when a familiar face is located, an identifier will appear onscreen. More textual data will appear as a floating graphic as it resides on the smartphone screen, making it easier to connect the name with the face. Information can be customized depending on your association with them; for clients, you can call up data about past meetings, recent email correspondence, and other detailed business information. Distant relatives you meet can have genealogical information associated with them, along with details about other family members you're connected to, and you can find friends in a large crowd for gatherings like concerts and stadium events.

If you're interested in what Augmented Reality can do for you and your business, it's time to connect with DDA. Conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, we maintain one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any custom mobile software developer, locally or nationally. Our team of professionally degreed designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists can take an innovative idea and maximize its impact and performance in the marketplace. Because we do not outsource any of our work, we are able to ensure a higher level of integration and seamless operation. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of People ID or some other innovative AR or custom software project, we would be pleased to set up a time to meet.

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