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The ability for Augmented Reality to change the healthcare landscape is due to the comprehensive nature of the new developments in technology, both in the hardware and the upcoming AR software applications. The ubiquity of online devices like the smartphone and the increased use of iPads and hands-free devices give developers an extensive platform to create new AR concepts and ideas that are being implemented every day.

The immersive qualities of the 3D interface makes it an attractive method to present information across a wide spectrum of industries and activities, and patient education is among one of the most critical and significant for the healthcare industry. As a leading developer of healthcare applications, DDA would like to share this unique and important AR concept with you.


With the complexity of today's medical technology, anything that enables patients to get a better handle on the tools used in their treatment empowers them and educates them as to the best practices and gives them more autonomy and authority over their own treatment program. Whether it involves pre-op steps to follow prior to a procedure, helpful applications that guide them through a pharmacologic regime, a physical or behavioral therapy program, or post-op rehabilitative therapies, Augmented Reality, with its easy access and everyday availability, will add measurable benefits for all concerned, from doctors, nurses, and therapists, to the patients making use of the AR applications.


These programs will serve to give patients more authority in their own treatment and to give immersive, real time information at their fingertips. In many cases, these applications will also relieve nurses and other caregivers of time spent on routine information delivery and prescription medication delivery, and will act as a valuable reminder for elderly patients.


Patients can access a specific education program through their online device. The program can range from a generic instructional program, to one that is precisely customized to a specific regimen. Each program will embed itself into the patient's actual environment, and the 3D interface will be layered into their unique camera viewpoint. Environmental graphics can indicate what drugs are to be taken and when, what exercises may be carried out according to a specified therapy, and feedback for each exercise can be tracked and measured against previous exercise sessions. Graphic arrows can guide patients through a specific exercise or a route through the facility, with additional data about doctors and nurses that appear in real time when needed.

DDA has extensive experience with all types of experiential marketing, and is skilled with the implementation of creative software concepts. We launched our first AR project back in 2009, and the widespread use of the smartphone makes the time for AR development more advantageous than ever before. We focus on delivering software that employs the optimum computer language for cost effective and long lasting performance, and results in the most satisfying, memorable, and immersive experience for the end user. Our award-winning approach to healthcare applications will allow you and your facility to get the most out of Augmented Reality, and to help educate your patients as they take their next steps. Our facility is located just outside Philadelphia, and we are prepared to take on any mobile software development challenge. If you would like to hear more about our AR development concepts, let's set up a meeting to discuss it.

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