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As the use of Augmented Reality unfolds across the custom mobile software application development landscape, more and more industries and activities are finding ways to incorporate the many advantages this immersive and innovative 3D interface has to offer. The explosion of online use has greatly facilitated the implementation of new AR applications, and the opportunity for creative software development has never been so promising.The close work of handicrafts

is an ideal setting for AR development as it entails the use of a small selection of tools, and develops a complex interaction with an object or a set of materials. For example, origami employs a piece of paper and one or two tools, but the complexity of the folds and the procedures to arrive at a final product can be enhanced with AR tools to make it easier for a beginner to gain a high level of skill in a much shorter time frame.


As people use the computer interface more and more, there is the possibility that some handicrafts will be neglected. The interactive features of AR have the potential to turn this around and enhance many of these crafts in a significant way, with tools that enable people to learn them even faster and with greater initial skill.


This origami application will be able to take any user, whether a novice or an expert, and guide them through the rigorous steps to create a huge variety of origami figures. As an application ideally suited to AR development, DDA is excited about its potential, as well as many of the application concepts that might accelerate the learning of traditional handicrafts. We believe this, and many other related applications, have the potential to enhance and even revive the status of many of these time honored activities in our culture, and to attract a whole new generation of enthusiasts.


The origami AR application can work something like this. By accessing the application from your online device, you can use either actual or virtual paper and view it through your camera's lens. The application will match the origami information with your paper, and adjust to shifts in position in real time. Directional arrows for folds, and step-by-step instructions will lead a user through the process, with diagrammatic graphics that mesh seamlessly with the paper to arrive at the finished result. You will also be able to change the setting of your room while you work, with the ability to change your space into nearly any tableau, from a Japanese tea room, to a mirrored hall like Versailles.

DDA is an award winning software developer for a wide range of industries, from healthcare to games, and advanced fabrication and industrial manufacturing. Our facility, located conveniently in the Philadelphia suburbs, provides a comprehensive skill set for nearly any type of custom software application. We focus on delivering software that is engaging and memorable for the end user and providing measurable results in the marketplace for our clients. We developed our first AR project in 2009, and the advent of online culture and the widespread use of smart devices make the opportunities for AR application development even more promising. If you would like to talk about our origami application, if you are interested in another type of handicraft for AR, or if you would like to discuss any type of custom computer software project, DDA is up to the challenge and would enjoy a conversation with you today.

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