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Augmented Reality has the potential to affect the way we do many things, from everyday chores to advanced training. The immersive qualities of a 3D computer interface layered directly into your lived environment, whether through a smartphone, tablet, or other device, are so visually appealing and practically useful that many industries will seek effective ways to implement AR into their training programs. Operate-It, DDA's concept for a mobile AR application, will prove to be a dynamic and effective new way to train people on complex equipment. Now businesses will have

a reliable tool they can customize to develop top notch, step-by-step equipment operation and maintenance training that will accomplish more in one session than detailed classes could ever accomplish. The immersive qualities of AR make it more 'hands-on', and more like a training session within the real context, than text books, manuals, even standard in-person training. The ability to prompt people with instructions in a real time framework and in a real world context, make DDA's Operate-It an idea worth taking into the shop or factory floor.


Complex manufacturing and industrial processing will often require specialized training to operate equipment, and effective ways to shorten the training time while making it more interactive and dynamic are always being sought out. Operate-It creates a flexible environment for both virtual and actual equipment operation in a simulated or real world environment. This system for training people on modern equipment will be applicable to meet many types of manufacturing and industrial systems, with methods to customize and update the training process easily.


In a completely virtual setting, Operate-It is a potential game changer. By making virtual simulations of advanced equipment readily available, there is a greater opportunity for trainees who do not otherwise have access to often expensive machinery. A virtual environment also carries no risks of injury or equipment damage. Certification programs can be established to allow trainees to gain the ability to participate and provides opportunities for a wider audience of prospective employees. In a real-world setting, Operate-It offers a valuable method to orient and train employees on in house equipment, reducing the learning curve and reducing the risks of equipment failure or employee injury.


Operate-It will allow users to access the software over their smartphone tablet or hands-free device. In a virtual setting, the camera viewpoint will direct them to a virtual piece of equipment. Operators can be prompted through a series of steps depending on different conditions. Standard operations, troubleshooting, and repairs can be fully covered, using directional arrows that appear in the 3D computer space from your unique camera perspective. For trainees onsite, the real equipment can be augmented through directional indicators and instructions, with arrows and floating text instructions to guide operators through the use of the actual equipment. In both contexts, Operate-It can address the specific needs of the company and its associated equipment to make the clearest instruction set possible, and to lessen the learning curve for any prospective trainee.

DDA has been leading the way in Augmented Reality and experiential marketing from the beginning, having launched its first AR project in 2009. We are award winning developers of custom mobile software applications for all types of industries, and we strive to achieve our clients' goals and exceed their expectations. Our set of capabilities under one roof makes us unique in the industry. We do not outsource any of our work, so our versatile and highly trained staff works to create innovative software that integrates all of the specialized into a seamless and valuable experience for our clients and their customers. If you want to develop Operate-It with us for your training program or if you have another AR concept to share with us, give us a call.

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