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The advent of Augmented Reality applications is sure to change many of the industries and activities we are engaged with every day. Just as the mobile device and subsequent rise in the culture of online activity has transformed our lives, Augmented Reality promises to have the same comprehensive effect.

As a leading innovator in custom mobile software applications, DDA would like to share some of their ideas about where the future might go, and how AR can enhance our lives, from advanced training and equipment operation, to everyday tasks like gardening and nutrition.


With over 47 million adults without health insurance and a widespread consumption of processed foods, nutrition awareness in the United States is at a critical juncture. A mobile software application that is easily accessible and offers detailed real time information about food in your actual environment would provide millions of users with the ability to make more informed choices that improve their overall nutrition.


Besides tracking your diet and spotting great choices, nutrition apps will also be able to spot items to avoid as well as optimum times to splurge. By having applications available where you shop, cook, and eat, it becomes easier to eat better and remove nutrition problems before they occur. Perhaps Augmented Reality is the application method that will immerse people more into the consequences of their food choices and inspire a healthier lifestyle.


Augmented Reality makes use of the camera function on your smartphone, iPad, or hands-free device and places a layer of 3D computer modeled information into your unique viewpoint. With high resolution graphics and updated effects that move with your view, all types of applications can build an enhanced and highly immersive experience. This interface serves to engage the viewer and set up a dynamic environment where new skills and ideas can be placed into an integrated experience. For nutrition applications, a preprogrammed diet can be made available that tracks your consumption over the day. A trip to the market can spot items that are ideal for the next step in your nutrition plan, and real time data is available for restaurant goers that want to keep a close eye on their daily diet.

DDA is your best choice for innovative ideas and practical solutions. We ground all of our work with real world experience, and we ensure a robust final result for our clients that exceeds their expectations. Our state-of-the-art facility, located just outside of Philadelphia, offers one of the most comprehensive sets of skills available anywhere. We can take on nearly any type of custom mobile software application challenge, with the ability to use any type of computer language, any delivery platform, and any type of specialized production requirement, and deliver optimized results that performs in a competitive marketplace. Whether it includes database management, 3D computer modeling and animation, custom software programming and design, e-learning portals and more, we do all of our work in house and do not outsource to other companies. This enables us to achieve a result that is seamless in its integration for a satisfying end user experience. If you would like to know more about how Augmented Reality can improve your business, give us a call today.

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