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Climb-It Augmented Reality Mountaineering Application

Climb-It Augmented Reality Mountaineering App

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Mountaineering, whether professional or amateur, done on its own or in teams, as a sole focus or as a part of hiking, is an exhilarating activity fraught with many potential dangers. Augmented reality can help. Augmented reality is the use of a smartphone, tablet, or AR headsets like Google Glass, to dynamically layer relevant information, graphics, and virtual objects onto the 3D space seen from the mobile device. While augmented reality (AR) application development was once hampered by both the incredibly complex programming needed to develop interactivity coordinated with 3D space, as well as the limitations in processing power of existing mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets, today the situation has changed dramatically in favor of augmented reality app development.

With the release of AR development platforms from Apple and Android, ARKit and ARCore respectively, most users of the latest popular mobile devices can take advantage of augmented reality's novel interactive technology. Furthermore, the programming of augmented reality applications is no longer burdened with the base AR features of mapping 3D space and coordinating interactive elements with that space. Thanks to ARKit and ARCore, the focus of augmented reality applications stays where it belongs: on the unique value that any particular augmented reality application poses for its users.


Mountain climbing is all about managing risk relative to one's equipment, skill, support, and desire to overcome challenges. The Climb-It augmented reality mobile application will allow mountain climbers set the parameters for their expedition and get suggestions for the best paths and plans for proceeding from their smartphone, tablet, or AR headset.


The Climb-It augmented reality application will serve as a virtual mountain guide to mountain climbers, indicating the precise paths to take based on climbing style, equipment, support, and the relative balance between challenge and risk mitigation the climber would like to achieve in their experience of this thrilling sport.


Users will be able to select whether they are commencing in expedition style, with a large amount of equipment and team support, or alpine style, solo or with one or two other partners. This will determine which paths and camp setups the AR app suggests. Users will also be able to select their relative tolerance for certain risk factors, such as glaciers, ice, rock, and relative steepness of incline. The Climb-It AR app will examine the mountain and overlay pathways from the users feet into the distance indicating the precise path they will travel. The paths suggested will be adjusted based on the relative amount of equipment and support they have, which can facilitate overcoming certain challenges but may make others less practical, especially where climbing is involved.

The Climb-It augmented reality application can be programmed with support for specific mountains, so that the application can suggest paths on popularly climbed mountains that have permanent base camps or even huts that specify those destinations as stopping points for the overall climb. Where these aren't available, the app can suggest good locations for tents or the construction of snow caves. The application will also feed the latest weather conditions to the climber, updating them on any upcoming risks and advising shelter when particularly challenging weather patterns are expected. Climb-It can also integrate a virtual mountain guide to speak specific safety reminders during the expedition, or offer occasional words of encouragement as obstacles are surmounted. The application may be particularly attractive to those that seek to expand interest in mountaineering, from equipment suppliers and mountaineering organizations to the professionals that benefit from mountaineering tourism.

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