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Augmented Reality is turning out to be a game changing development for all types of computer applications, with educational and experiential capabilities previously unavailable. Now it is easy to access high quality immersive experiences via your smartphone, iPad, or hands-free device for all types of purposes, from advanced training to applications for gardening, gaming, and much more.

DDA is a leader in 3D hybrid technology experiences, having launched its first AR project in 2009. Now, with the ubiquity of devices that are ideal for AR mobile application development, the future for Augmented Reality is only limited by the imaginations of clients, developers, and entrepreneurs who see the possibilities and are ready to take you there.


Augmented Reality has the ability to transport people to another time and place. The camera viewpoint from your smartphone or other device can introduce a photorealistic 3D computer world directly into the actual landscape. This makes it an ideal method to reconstruct historical places and events, making a learning experience more compelling and meaningful. As educational programs in schools and historic locations strive to make the experience of history more engaging for students, DDA's Living History will prove to have a dramatic effect on future learning programs, and an exciting development for travel and tourism.


Archaeologists, teachers, students, and anyone interested in historic architecture and events can make use of Living History to develop their understanding and enhance their experience when they travel. For tour guides, field trips, archaeological digs, and more, Living History is about to make history in the world of Augmented Reality.


Using your AR device, Living History will be able to reconstruct the Acropolis to its pristine condition. You can scan across the horizon and see the ancient palace of Knossos, complete with shadows and reflections that change with the changing light. Historical figures in historic dress can guide you through a space informing you of important details. You can even travel back to historic events with characters playing their part in a compelling 3D computer tableau. Augmented Reality is poised to create a more immersive experience of the past than ever, with a level of realism and detail that makes the past come alive.

DDA's team of professionals has been meeting and exceeding client goals since the inception of the internet, and we are prepared to take it to the next level with Augmented Reality. Our studio, located just outside Philadelphia, is equipped with one of the most comprehensive skill sets available for custom software development, locally or nationally. We do not outsource any of our work, so we can ensure the highest level of integration and quality control. Whether it involves eLearning, virtual games, database management, or any other complex requirement, we have the skills to incorporate special features, make a compelling and logical experience, and develop software that is as memorable as it is easy to use. Let's sit down and discuss Living History or some other AR project you're interested in developing, and make something that leaves a lasting impression.

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