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Augmented Reality is going to change the way we live, with enhanced features so useful many will wonder how they did without them. The smartphone has become such a device for many people, with such great functionality and convenience that many find them an absolutely indispensable part of modern life. The ability to have access to all types of textual, graphic and 3D information has been a dramatic shift in the way we make use of information, and the way we interact with computer technology. Augmented Reality is poised to become the new interface for this technology, and the opportunities for custom software development is so open that DDA wanted to share the development prospects ahead. DDA has been involved in experiential marketing for the online world since its inception, and our experience with all types of custom software enables us to mobilize on ideas quickly and implement them with top notch reliable performance. Client satisfaction is our number one goal, and we have been helping our clients' succeed in the marketplace with confidence for decades. While it may be difficult to keep pace with the changes in computer technology, DDA thrives in a competitive environment where ideas are the primary concern.

Augmented Reality allows users to access a photo-realistic world of computer graphics in such a ways as to provide an immersive experience like no other. 3D computer objects can now appear as if they live within your actual world, and with a level of real time interaction previously unavailable. For example, you can change the paint color of your living room walls ten times without leaving your couch. You can shop for shoes and find them on your feet to see how they look on you. You can put flowers on the coffee table, and decorate your room, all from a mobile interface. Just as online shopping has changed the way we review and shop for products, Augmented Reality is about to make the experience more vivid, more convincing, and more compelling. Immersive experiences has been at the heart of experiential marketing all along, and DDA is poised to give your Augmented Reality application maximum value in the new marketplace.

Located just outside Philadelphia, DDA first stepped into the world of Augmented Reality in 2009. We are award winning developers of mobile software applications, and our uniquely diverse set of skills encompasses the entire range of custom software design and development. We do not outsource any of the work to others; we are a fully equipped production facility with comprehensive experience in all types of marketing, from medical healthcare mobile applications to cake decorating software. Our clients vary greatly and in many types of industries, and we can respond to any type of software challenge, from 3D hybrid media/technology visual platforms, e-learning, database development, virtual games, virtual reality, and much, much more. If you have your own ideas about how Augmented Reality can enhance your business, or you would like to hear some of our thoughts about how Augmented Reality can enhance your business goals, DDA would love to start a conversation.

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