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One of the most appealing parts of travelling the world is man's great legacy of libraries. Making these great storehouses of knowledge more available to everyone, and providing a virtual, yet deeply immersive experience of these great places, is just one of the many amazing things Augmented Reality can do for the computer interface landscape. Augmented Reality allows custom software developers to create 3D computer environments that are layered directly into your camera perspective. By using your smartphone, iPad, or hands-free device, users have access to exciting, immersive, and informative environments that are convincingly incorporated

into your unique perspective, and rendered with photorealistic accuracy. Real time graphics allow for shadows, reflections, and other effects to update and adjust to your shifting perspective, making it seem as if the interface is seamlessly integrated into your reality. This makes for an exciting and immersive experience previously unavailable, and now AR is poised to transform activities such as travel and tourism. DDA believes libraries are one of the key destinations for travelers, scholars, students, and enthusiasts the world over, and Augmented Reality has a set of powerful tools to develop and enrich the experience.


As the use of online devices develops, it may have a tendency to move books and their historic storehouses to the background. An app that celebrates these important institutions, encourages their familiarity and use, and promotes their continued role in our society fulfills a vital role in our efforts to understand our material and intellectual culture.


Augmented Reality has the capability to provide a new life for libraries with features that can engage a whole new generation of booklovers. Students can become familiar with the great libraries of the world, scholars can access highly specialized collections with greater vividness, and tourists can travel to libraries with an enhanced experience or visit them in the comfort of their own home.


Users can access the app from their mobile device. If they are visiting a library, they can have an interface customized to the specific library, its layout, and its collection. Floating directional arrows can help guide you through large spaces and complex collections, and informational graphics can be delivered via floating text, diagrams, audio support, and other methods. A 3D computer avatar can offer a guided tour of a library, and rare book rooms can be furnished with detailed information for scholars or collectors. Another option is to construct a virtual library around a viewer sitting at home or classroom. Here, students can be immersed in a virtual library environment, one that provides the experience of walking through the ultra modern state-of-the-art Utrecht library, or travel back in time to the lost library of Alexandria. Whether you are using AR as a support to a visit or constructing the tour itself, AR will enhance the appreciation of libraries around the world and reinforce their value for past and future generations.

DDA specializes in refining complex data into simple and robust solutions with long lasting value for our clients and their customers. As leading developers of advanced custom mobile software applications, we maintain one of the most diverse and comprehensive sets of production capabilities under one roof. We don't outsource any of our work, and our seasoned team of professionals can handle any project and incorporate any special feature necessary to make the project a success. Whether it includes database management, e-learning portals, or 3d computer modeling and animation, DDA is an ideal choice for developing an AR application that will enhance your business goals, provide a satisfying experience for the end user, and perform with optimum impact in the marketplace. Contact us today if you would like to set up a time to discuss the libraries project or another type of AR application.

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