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Online data has proven to be an invaluable development in modern life, and with the advent of Augmented Reality, more changes are on the way. As leading developers of mobile software applications across the entire spectrum of the market place, from healthcare to manufacturing and eLearning,

DDA is excited about the many possibilities AR offers to the informational landscape. Language AR, DDA's new application concept, makes full use of the new features available in Augmented Reality, and extends the capabilities of language learning applications currently in use.


Access to real time language data continues to provide the ongoing need to learn languages in a real world context. While Google translate and other online tools have made great strides towards effective language learning and translation, the capabilities Language AR provides for an application that immerses you in another world's language makes it compelling and accelerates the learning process.


More effective techniques to learn languages gives travelers, students, tourists, and people settling in a new country some of the most useful tools one can have in a new and foreign context. Beyond just a language learning tool, the AR aspect allows one to inhabit a language and its culture and incorporate it as a more comprehensive learning technique.


When you access Language AR from your online device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or hands free device, you can use your camera viewpoint to look at the world through another language's eyes. As you scan the landscape, textual and graphic indicators will appear inside your perspective, giving you language prompts for anything you see. The graphics can be interactive, and labels will grow in intensity as you focus on particular items. You can select an item to get the proper pronunciation and, as you walk through a space, the prompts will be updated in real time. The immersive quality of the experience makes it ideal as a way to soak up a language and embed it more completely and thoroughly in your mind.

DDA is located just outside Philadelphia, and maintains one of the most versatile production facilities available anywhere, either locally or nationally. Our vertically integrated studio is equipped with a professional editing suite and sound booth, and our team of professional multimedia specialists, designers, writers, and software programmers can expertly address any special software requirement. We developed our first Augmented Reality project back in 2009, and now, with the ubiquity of the smartphone, the time is right for new applications that employ this exciting and adaptable 3D interface. If you have any questions about Language AR, or if you would like to discuss the possibilities of Augmented Reality for your business, then let's sit down and discuss it.

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