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Augmented Reality is a 3D interface that can be used on your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. One of the many activities Augmented Reality can enhance is close work like knitting. The many handicrafts that involve a concentrated setting and a precise interaction with tools and objects is a perfect activity for AR, and a number of innovative and exciting Augmented Reality applications are in development that take optimum advantage of AR's immersive and interactive qualities. As leading developers of custom mobile software applications, DDA is excited about

the future of AR, and there are several concepts we would like to share with our clients and our potential future clients. Augmented Reality is going to transform many of our crafts, with the capability to augment the experience of an activity through your camera viewpoint, make it more engaging, accelerate the learning process, and lower the learning curve. Knitting is an ideal handicraft for developing an AR application, and DDA includes this in a suite of related applications that will serve to support many traditional and time honored cultural traditions.


The benefits of the computer and the online experience are self evident, but there is also the risk that we leave many valuable traditions behind in the process. AR applications that focus on traditional handicrafts benefit from a synergy of interactive computer technology combined with functional valuable handicrafts that result in beautiful handcrafted objects. The knitting AR application will help many people who are just learning gain a greater level of skill in a much shorter time frame.


Augmented Reality applications for handicrafts have the potential to revive interest in these beautiful and functional activities and foster new cultures, new patterns, and new life for work that comes directly from the human hand. Instead of replacing these activities, with the advent of Augmented Reality, computer technology can inspire a new generation of enthusiasts to create a hand knit modern culture.


The application will work something like this. Accessing the application form your smart device, you will be able to match the application graphics and instructions onto your tools. Real time graphics will be able to match the instructional graphics to your tools and adjust in real time to your shifting position. Once your yarn and tools are identified, you can select from a menu of weaving styles and a wide variety of patterns, including scarves, bags, clothes, and more. Instructional graphics like arrows and step-by-step diagrams will appear directly within your camera viewpoint, interactively guiding you through each step. Not only will you be able to follow instructions to create beautiful pieces, you will also have the ability to design and create new patterns for new projects.

DDA specializes in crafting valuable and memorable experiences through custom mobile software applications. We have been involved in Augmented Reality since the launch of our first AR project in 2009. We have the skill set necessary to complete every project in house, and our team of experienced professionals can incorporate any special features necessary to get the job done. Because we do not outsource any of our work, we can ensure a completely integrated result that performs seamlessly and delivers maximum value to our clients. Whether the application requires graphic design, 3D computer modeling, and custom computer software design and programming, DDA has the expertise to fully engage the user with a learning experience that is as absorbing as it is informative. If you would like to know about how we think knitting and other handicrafts can benefit from Augmented Reality, or if you would like to discuss some of the other options out there in the development landscape, we'd love to have a productive conversation.

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