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The advent of smart devices with the ability to communicate across the internet has changed the way we use appliances and everyday electronics, as well as critical public infrastructure components like streetlights. Augmented Reality will be able to take the world of smart devices even further, with an immersive and highly flexible 3D interface. Apple and Android released their AR platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, the prospects for integrating Augmented Reality applications into the Internet-of-Things are very bright. These developments open up a wider avenue for AR, with the opportunity for many types of new applications across the entire range of internet activity, from personalized apps to new software for public utilities and innovative industries worldwide. Anyone with smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear can enjoy the benefits of Augmented Reality and its array of interactive capabilities.

Augmented Reality uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet. AR eyewear promises to create an even more convenient and seamless experience. High resolution photorealistic graphics can render environments to completely customize the setting. Avatars can inhabit the landscape and offer instructions or guidance. 3D virtual objects can be manipulated and programmed with hepatic intelligence. This allows virtual objects to deliver real time sensory feedback, with weight and heft, shadows, reflections, and other effects. As a leading developer of internet experiences, DDA can see the advantages for many industries to develop new application concepts integrated into the internet of things, and we are excited about the many possibilities that lie ahead.

IOT is about creating an intelligent system of systems, things equipped with sensors and actuators that respond to their immediate environment. These things then communicate and interact with other components on a widely distributed network. Automated interactivity can have broadly positive effects

throughout many industries that rely on electronic systems. Combining AR with IOT empowers both technologies to optimize communication between man and machine, and serves to plug human power into the matrix of networked communication systems most effectively. At a glance, an app user will be able to access detailed information about appliances, equipment, fixtures, and lights, switches, outlets, and more. Both families and professionals can scan a room with their online camera, and text labels with detailed information can be dynamically linked to objects in the space. Performance information can also be provided with charts of capacity, performance, and other records can appear and vanish when no longer needed. A dynamic optimization of information delivery makes the user another more highly effective sensor and actuator in the online interconnected Augmented Reality Internet of Things. The benefits can range from Improving medical outcomes, creating better products with reduced development costs, making shopping more enjoyable, and optimizing energy use for businesses and individuals.

DDA is an Augmented Reality app company with extensive experience in creating innovative custom software. Our first AR project was launched in 2009 and the recent introduction of ARKit and ARCore makes Augmented Reality development more feasible and advantageous than ever. We can create custom interfaces for the Internet of things that correlate to specific personal or business interests and focus on the core goals of the project. Whether the project requires extensive databases management, 3D modeling and animation, 2D graphic design and multimedia production, or any type of custom software programming and design, we have the skills to do it all in-house. This way we keep costs under control and maintain excellent communication with our clients. We are conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia and we would be pleased to guide you and your company through the Augmented Reality landscape, populated with the Internet of Things. If you would like to know more, let's set up a time to discuss it in detail.

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