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Augmented Reality applications excel with one-on-one interactions with virtual objects in a controlled setting, and DDA's proposal for new application software that allows users to both create and play virtual instruments is bound to strike a note in the music and entertainment industry. While AR has been in development for several years, only now, with the advent of widespread use of mobile devices and a new generation

of skilled users, can Augmented Reality make full use of its potential and deliver a new range of interactive experiences that are engaging, creative, and fun. DDA launched its first AR project in 2009, and we are excited about the new potential of Augmented Reality, both in the marketplace of ideas and the opportunity for many types of custom mobile software applications across many businesses and disciplines.


Music is one of our most important art forms, and the computer industry has already had a dramatic effect on the way music is made, recorded, and delivered to the market. Augmented Reality offers interactivity combined with photorealism and dynamic diagrammatic graphics that can instruct you to play virtual instruments in real time, or add them to real instruments as you play. Learning music can be a difficult challenge, and better instructional tools that accelerate the process and lower the learning curve can bring many more people into a more meaningful relationship with the power and beauty of music.


For music lovers around the world, we believe this application has the potential to transform the way we learn and make music. Not only will people have access to an unprecedented number of instruments, the interface will allow for a deeper appreciation of musical instruments, provide valuable instruction, and offer the possibility of invention, both in the construction of new types of instruments, and the ability to play them.


Accessing an application through your online device, you will first select an instrument. The selection has the potential to be quite broad, with the scalable option to add more instruments as they are created. There can be historic instruments, with an emphasis on the time and culture that produced it. A menu of standard instruments can be readily available based on genre; rock, classical, jazz, funk, etc. Contemporary Musical instruments can be selected by culture; oud, gamelan, lyre, bagpipe, sitar, steel drum, etc. Vintage and modern electronics could be another option, linking retro technology with the contemporary; Hammond organ, Leslie speakers, Moog, Mellotron, Midi, etc. You can even create and play new instruments based on a kit of parts using the basic principles and components such as strings, wind, brass, percussion, etc. After an instrument is selected, you can then select music from different menus and genres. The music application combines AR's capability to render virtual interactive objects with photorealistic accuracy with immersive methods that allow a greater level of interactivity. Real time graphics will keep pace with the sheet music. As you interact with the instrument, virtual arrows and indicators allow you to follow along and match up the playing of the instrument with the notation.

As a leading developer of interactive experiences, DDA is ideally situated to guide our clients through the AR landscape. We create award winning mobile software applications for a wide variety of businesses and activities, from health care and metal fabrication, to virtual games and 3D animation. Our facility, conveniently based in the Philadelphia area, is equipped with a multimedia suite and a professional sound booth, and our team of experienced professionals can take an innovative concept and implement it with the ideal computer software programming language and the optimum portal for maximum market impact. If you are interested in our proposal for Musical Instruments, let's set up a time to meet.

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