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DDA is pleased to introduce the online community to the Augmented Reality landscape. This development in online experiential marketing is such an exciting development of for our clients and their customers that we want share some of the attributes and opportunities this new technology can offer. As the next phase in the delivery of an enhanced virtual user experience, Augmented Reality makes it easier than ever to have experiences that intersect the computer graphics with your lived reality.

By accessing Augmented Reality apps on your smartphone, your camera viewpoint can link with photo-realistically rendered 3D computer objects that adjust in perspective light to appear as if they exist within your viewpoint. This effectively places a user into a diagrammatic and programmable space where application developers can introduce important concepts, information and experiences.


The industrial world is gaining in complexity and the need to train users of equipment is increasingly important. Industrial education must also adjust to the new challenges and requirements CNC and other equipment has presented to the workforce. As many as six million jobs are going unfilled in the United States, many due to the lack of adequately trained workers.

Augmented reality for training of industrial procedures, the uses of equipment, and the steps required to complete complex operations could provide more efficient educational experiences. Technicians can be trained to carry out repairs on 3D models of equipment that would be expensive to provide otherwise, allowing for a broader base of potential trainees.

Augmented Reality is poised to offer certification programs for a whole range of industrial operations, giving a more vivid preparation and hands-on skill development in a cost-effective yet fully dynamic setting.


While the advent of highly effective and inexpensive training programs for specialized engines is benefit enough, this opportunity applies equally well in innumerable cases where training and certifications for complex equipment are highly sought after but generally cost prohibitive. Whether you seek to make Augmented Reality applications for a broad base of customers or for in-house training, the scope and effectiveness of immersive training is inspiring. Augmented Reality has opened up through the ubiquity of the smartphone, and will usher in applications for the entire industrial landscape.


Engine mechanics are a prime example of a potential training application using Augmented Reality. Prospective trainees could sign up for training to repair and service a particular class of engines. Viewing from their smartphone, they can start to work on a 3D model of one of the engines. A teacher can introduce the student to a set of 3D tools that they can use virtually. Students could be guided by an instructor in real time. After a set of classes and examinations, students can be certified and approved for work on these engines, and set up with a far greater familiarity with the material by going through a fully immersive program.

DDA has been a leader in digital experiences since its inception in 1994, and, as an award winning developer of mobile applications for the health care industry and other industries, we have the skill and the experience to create the most effective and immersive educational experiences for any type of training program. Our experience with e-learning platforms, custom software programming database management, video production, 3D and much more, allows us to take innovative concepts to market and translate them into applications that deliver measurable results for our clients. Located just outside of Philadelphia, our vertically integrated studio can offer outstanding service for all levels of production under one roof. If you can see the value of Augmented Reality for your industry, let's work on the future together.

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