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Augmented Reality applications excel at creating vivid simulations, and new developments make it an even more exciting opportunity for immersive and interactive software applications that take full advantage of what AR has to offer. Developed as a 3D interface, Augmented Reality will now be widely available through your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore AR platforms have opened up the development frontier, and, as a leading developer of cutting edge custom mobile application software,

DDA is pleased to discuss the many ways AR is poised to transform many industries and businesses. We develop advanced applications for many simulation environments and we feel AR has much to offer industrial training programs throughout the industrial environment, from hands-on detailed interactive procedures, to simulations featuring the assembly of components, and safety procedures in a specific industrial environment.


Industrial training is a critical aspect of safe and effective operations, and, as equipment and regulatory procedures grow in complexity, the need for more effective, efficient, and standardized methods to provide accurate industrial training also grows in importance. A companywide Augmented Reality application serves to create a standard company template and an instruction method that does not rely on individual excellence of personnel and establishes a uniform set of instructions for everyone. This facilitates certifications and approvals from OSHA and other associated organizations that ensure plant safety and compliance. Augmented Reality can place trainees into a hands-on, yet cost-effective and risk free training program that will give each student a greater sense of the actual conditions in which they will perform their tasks, and will create a learning environment that is designed to lower the learning curve and speed up the training process.


Beyond the cost savings and the streamlined approach to training, one for the most significant benefits is the increased availability of training across the internet landscape. While plant-specific applications will help operations directly in the plant, the virtual application will make highly advanced and specific types of machine and process training more available for a much larger pool of trainees, with the ability to certify their participation. This creates new educational opportunities for users, and extends the reach of companies seeking proficient employees.


The industrial training process can use either virtual or in-house methods. For a virtual program, users can access the application from their mobile, online device. The camera's lens acts as your interface with the perspective, augmented with training-specific information. The environment can be transformed into a working floor with examples of the equipment and the specific machine processes that pertain to the specific training program. Modern AR applications have made dramatic strides in delivering high resolution, photorealistic graphics, with shadows, reflections, and effects that update in real time. Both the environment and the equipment can be vividly rendered, and the virtual objects will have interactive capabilities for trainees to operate and receive simulated feedback. This greatly reduces the costs of training and without the costs and risks of using actual equipment. For environment specific applications, developers can create Augmented Reality software that enhances an actual plant with a number of trainees. By accessing the application form their online device, a set of instructions will augment their unique perspective and provide a set of guided instructions for machines and their processes. Text and graphics can be introduced into the scene, as well as diagrams and directional arrows to guide a trainee's movements. Both applications will set a standard method of training, and both can be applied for different training scenarios.

DDA launched its first AR project back in 2009 and now, with the advent of the new AR platforms, we feel the time for AR development has never been more feasible and profitable. We specialize in crafting innovative internet and software experiences that are exciting, logical, and cost-effective. DDA has one of the most extensive skill sets of any software production company, and we do all of our work in-house without farming any pieces to other companies. This way, we are able to maintain excellent communication with our clients, integrate all of the special software features into one logical experience, and fully test our final result to ensure a seamless and flawless user experience. No matter how complex the challenge, whether it requires 3D computer modeling and animation, multimedia, database management, e-learning, or any other type of custom software design and programming, we are able to address the core goals of the project and exceed your expectations. If you would like to hear more about our industrial training application concepts, or if you have a specific application concept you would like to develop with us, let's arrange a time to meet.

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