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As more software applications employ Augmented Reality as their interface, more industries are becoming attracted to the many features and advantages AR has to offer. Augmented Reality is a fully immersive and interactive experience with computer data, one that is layered directly into the user's individual perspective. This serves to customize the experience and allows for a seamless integration of the data with the user's camera perspective. Since the introduction of Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore platforms, anyone with a smartphone, tablet,

or hands-free device has access to AR mobile software applications. New ideas are being developed across the entire range of possibilities, from industry and manufacturing to entertainment and everyday concerns like home security. As an innovative and award winning developer of mobile software applications, DDA is excited about the future of Augmented Reality and the many ways we see its deployment, both in cutting edge applications for simulation training, and programs designed for personal and home security.


Home Security is a rapidly-developing industry, one that continues to make advances in performance by incorporating the latest innovations in electronic and online technology. From CCTV screens to remote online control of facilities, security systems employ camera technology, sophisticated software, and efficient networking capabilities to ensure that premises are kept safe and secure. Augmented Reality will provide the ability to scan your home for detection of problems areas, vulnerabilities, and to keep track of any disturbances and logging in incidents as they emerge.


Better methods for securing a property, and ensuring security both when you're away and when you're home, serves a vitally important function in a less certain world. As Augmented Reality software developers discover more ways to enhance everyday life, more potential users will attract innovation and drive creativity in the Augmented Reality development landscape, and DDA would be pleased to show you what's possible for you and your business.


Users can access the home security application through their smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. The information in the application will be fully synced with your premises, and, as you scan your home, data prompts will appear in your camera view. All data will shift as you move and continue to appear as a part of the view. Data will update as you move through your home, and new information will appear from window to window, door to door, and room to room. You can scan outside your home as well, with indications of areas that need to be fortified, or other problems areas, like blind spots or insecure parts of your property. After you arrive back from a trip, you can scan your home for a record of any disturbances or signs of trespassing, or worse. The interactive interface is easy to use, and equips families with the tools they need to keep their property safe and secure.

DDA is located just outside of Philadelphia and we are ready to take on any software development challenge. Our team of full-time, degreed professionals can complete any of the special features of a software project in-house, without resorting to outside parties and subcontractors. This way, we are able to keep costs under control, allow for complete communication with our clients during the process, and ensure a fully integrated and tested product that can be readily edited and updated. DDA introduced its first AR project in 2009, and we can see the many ways AR is changing software for the better. By taking innovative concepts and using a logical, step-by-step approach, we arrive at results that are robust, easy to use, and enjoyable for the end user. If you want to hear more about our concept for a home security AR application, or if you have a software development project you think will be well suited for Augmented Reality, let's set up a time to discuss the possibilities.

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